5 Dark secrets of Virat Kohli you probably don't know

5 dark Secrets of Virat Kohli

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5 Dark secrets of Virat Kohli you probably don't know
VIrat Kolhi in RCB (Photo Source : X / Twitter )

Virat Kohli is one of the most successful cricketers of all time. In many greatest teams of cricket like the ODIs and T20Is, he can walk into the side given the impact and the ability to win matches. His stint as a captain is well documented and many regard him to be the best Indian captain in the longest format of the game. He has contributed to India in many facets and is continuing to win matches in his class. As a player, Virat is second to none.

But as an individual, he is a bit controversial. By nature, he is an aggressive individual and expresses himself without hiding his emotions. While it can be good at times, in other cases it can come to haunt him. Many do not like Virat for his actions on the field. The star cricketer is regarded as someone who unnecessarily picks up fights and drag individuals to have banter. There are fans who love his attitude towards the game and treat him as the 'King' of cricket.

While there are many facts about the former India skipper which are known to many, there are some secrets about him which are not too familiar to the fans. While some might be aware of them, others might not be. Some such secrets can blow the minds of individuals, while other secrets might come across as bland. Whenever such arguments pop up, the readers are usually shocked. The following secrets about Virat might either come as a surprise or as something that does not bother the readers.

In the article, let’s take look at a few of Virat Kohli’s dark secrets:

1. Past relationship with Tamanna Bhatia and Izabelle Leite

Virat Kohli with Tamanna Bhatia and Izabelle Leite
Virat Kohli with Tamanna Bhatia and Izabelle Leite. (Source -Twitter/X)

Virat is now married to Anushka Sharma and is a father of two children. But his life before being a husband and a father witnessed some relationships. Back in time, Virat was a sensation among youth especially among females. He was allegedly in a relationship with Tamanna Bhatia, one of the most popular Indian actresses of her time. The rumours started to spread about the relationship between the two when they acted together in an ad.

It was however assumed that the two got separated later on. In addition to Tamanna, the RCB batter is said to have been in a relationship with Izabelle Leite. The two allegedly met at a party and fell in love with each other. In one instance, Virat was said to have written 'Te Amo' to the Brazilian model and actress, which means 'I love you' in Spanish. Izabelle acted in the Indian movies named 'Sixteen', 'Mr Majnu', 'Purani Jeans', and 'World famous lover'.

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2. Abusing a journalist in a net session

Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli. (Source -Twitter/X)

It was during the ODI World Cup 2015 in Australia when Kohli was practising in the nets. Ahead of the game against the West Indies in Perth, the star batter was practising hard in the nets. The 35-year-old was angry at a journalist who had come to cover his practice session. It is claimed that the former Indian captain thought the journalist to be the one who had written against Anushka Sharma in an article in the past. Hence, Virat abused the journalist for his past actions.

Later on, it was revealed that Kohli thought of a different person than the one associated with the past article. It was reported that Virat had apologized for his act. Ravi Shastri, the then manager of the Indian team in the ODI World Cup 2015, asked Virat to be calm in regard to issues related to his personal life. For his act, Virat was criticised although it did not get the attention of many. To date, it remains to be one of the darkest secrets of the star cricketer. 

3. Using a fake name while marrying Anushka Sharma

Virat & Anushka
Virat & Anushka. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Virat and Anushka married each other in December 2017. The news shattered the internet as the fans started sharing the news. While many were happy for the couple, some were disappointed for obvious reasons. Before making their relationship official, the two had been dating each other for a long time. The star couple tried to keep their relationship as private as possible. The couple had their wedding in Italy and invited only their close ones, about 42 of them.

Many know how much the star couple carve for privacy. They tried to keep the media attention out of their wedding as much as possible, so much so that the duo used fake names while interacting with caterers. It might come as a surprise to many, given the fact that the two are highly popular individuals in their respective fields and are known to many people in the world. In an interview, Anushka herself revealed of used fake names during their wedding. 

4. Not-so-well relationship with Anil Kumble 

Virat Kohli and Anil Kumble (Source: BCCI)
Virat Kohli and Anil Kumble (Source: BCCI)

Anil Kumble was the head coach of the Indian team in 2017. Under his leadership, India made a terrific comeback and won the Border Gavaskar Trophy 2017 at home. To date, it is regarded as one of the best series wins for India in Tests. However, to everyone's shock, Kumble announced his resignation from the post a few months after the big win. Not many anticipated it, as India seemed to be going in the right direction after the huge win against Australia.

Many blamed Virat, the then-Indian Test skipper, for the resignation of Kumble, who was rated to be a coach. It was revealed later that Virat and some of the players in the dressing room was not happy with the way Kumble operated as a coach. They regarded the former India coach to be a bit strict and on the disciplinary side. It was believed that Kumble's principles were not the right ideals for the dressing room of India. The ousting of Kumble and the reason behind it is still criticised by the fans. 

5. Endorsement of an online gaming platform

Virat Kohli MPL
Virat Kohli MPL. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Kohli is someone who has maintained that he does not endorse products that involve risks and money at stake. However, it is worth noting that the former RCB skipper has a stake in a product named 'MPL'. It is a company which is based on online gaming and endorses the staking of money at the risk of individuals. This might come as an irony that the winner of the ODI World Cup 2011 endorses a product which can risk the money of the individuals. 

When it was found out that the company was involved in court cases in many regards, particularly after the change in rules of the implementation of the GST, there was a huge outrage from fans on social media on banning the app. Many asked Virat to stop endorsing the website and the app. However, it continues to be a company to date and Kohli has a major stake in it. This might be an untouched issue which might not be known to many. 

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