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Top 5 hilarious wicket celebrations by bowlers in cricket history

There are times on the cricket field when players become famous not for taking wickets but for the celebration that follows. These 5 instances are some of the most hilarious by bowlers.

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Yuzi Chahal
Yuzi Chahal. (Photo Source: IPL)

It’s often said cricket is a batter's game as the rules are slightly tipped in favour of the batter. A bowler has limitations i.e., no balls, wides, limited bouncers per over etc, but the advent of the decision review system (DRS) has allowed bowlers some respite with LBWs going in their favour at times due to the initial umpire call. DRS is a game changer and often the theatre of everyone watching the big screen waiting for a decision adds to the drama of the game.   

A batter achieving a milestone of 50 or 100 is celebrated by acknowledging those in the ground and colleagues, often by raising of the bat and taking the helmet off. The bowler is also entitled to celebrate a wicket, and often a bowler's celebration brings theatre to the ground. Here we look at 5 instances of bowlers and their hilarious wicket celebrations.

5.      Dave Mohammed (West Indies) - Booty shake

Dave Mohammed
Dave Mohammed. (Photo Source: Instagram)

Dave Mohammed and his rotated booty shake is one to watch. It came in the Stanford final and no one was ready for this. No idea how Dave had thought to do this, but it instantly becomes hilarious once seen. It seems the covering of his ears is a reminiscence of a DJ-style celebration along with the booty shake which he combined all together in a perfectly crafted sequence.

This celebration came in the 2008 final which Dave was the Player of the Match. Incidentally, this was the wicket of big-hitter Chris Gayle, where his side got bowled out for 91. The funny thing about Dave’s performance is he could’ve been the originator of the shoe celebration as one of his wickets involved Dave taking off his shoes and pretending to speak to someone. 

Dave didn’t play much cricket for West Indies. It was just a handful of ODIs and T20s where he got 13 and 10 wickets each respectively. Maybe something he saw on TV motivated him to implement a booty shake for whenever he gets a wicket, and the final in 2008 seemed to be the best time for him.

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