Cricket in 2018: 7 instances when Virat Kohli was involved in the controversy

Kohli was in the news whole year for his actions off the field as well.

Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli. (Photo by Paul Kane/Getty Images)

The Indian skipper Virat Kohli is no new to controversies. Over the years, he has been involved in several controversies that stirred up the entire nation. Even though he is the best batsman in the world at the moment, he is known for his so-called ‘erratic behaviour’ on the field.

Be it the middle-finger saga in 2012, or the conflict with Anil Kumble, he has always been in the middle of it all. This year was no different. The captain found himself in the news for quite a few wrong reasons. Here are seven instances where Virat Kohli was involved in a controversy in 2018.

1. ‘Leave India’

This by far could be the biggest of all the controversies for Virat Kohli. His ‘leave India’ comments attracted the attention of the national media and created a lot of stir. During the launch of his own app on his 30th birthday, the run-machine had an interaction with the fans where he responded to their questions.

One of the fans commented that he prefers watching England and Australian players to Indians. To this, Kohli’s response was very shocking. “I don’t think you should live in India, go and live somewhere else,” Virat told in the video which went viral on the social media.

Later, he responded to the backlash by saying he was “all for freedom of choice”, adding: “I guess trolling isn’t for me guys, I’ll stick to getting trolled!”


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