Live Feeds

With world cricket seeing many new matches being conducted every single day, the fans find it tough to keep track of the various cricket scores of their favourite matches. Through the CricTracker live feed, a cricket fan will have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Apart from the Cricket News, the live feed will help the fans with regular updates of every game, and the commentary, and the buzz that surrounds the game, all at one stop.

As the game goes on, the Live Feed will give a ball-to-ball insight on the game, with the various changes that the players make, including rotations, and field changes.

With the Indian team facing a plethora of sides across 2024, and the much-awaited Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024 looming on the horizon, the live feed will make sure that the reader stays up to date with every single happening in the game and even outside of it, through the constant updates from X (formerly known as Twitter).

From team news, to various substitutions to the injuries, and the replacements, the live feed will make sure to cover every single aspect of a game so that the reader can stay up to date.

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