Cricketers and the Olympic sport they could play

The Olympic fever is on at Rio de Janeiro and we just can’t get enough of the games and events. Currently, USA is leading the medals tally with 26 Golds and 70 medals in total with no competitor in sight.

Unfortunately for us, cricket is not a part of Olympic games and hopefully we can see cricket added to the list for Olympics in the near future. Amongst cricketing nations, Great Britain (England) and Australia are making their presence felt at Brazil with 2nd and 9th position respectively.

Though we’ll have to wait to see cricket in the 2024 Olympics if Rome wins the bid, our present day cricketers can be medal contenders for the 2016 Rio Olympics in alternate sports too. Let’s find out who will be suited to which event:

1. MS Dhoni – 100 meter dash

Mahendra Singh Dhoni
India’s captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni runs to make his ground. (Photo by MONEY SHARMA/AFP/Getty Images)

He may be an aging veteran nearing retirement, but we can never ever underestimate this man’s physical abilities. Ever since his early days, there has been no man faster than the Jharkhand mauler.

He is such a fast runner that his speed is often compared with none other than the fastest man on the planet, Usain Bolt. Dhoni is really quick off the blocks and generates really good sprint speed while keeping and running between the wickets.

Some of the latest instances of his superb running are from the World T20 2016 where he first run out Mustafizur Rehmann, running 13 meters in just 2 seconds and then later on helped Virat Kohli chip away the 161-run target with brilliant running between the wickets, stealing crucial doubles from the hands of mighty Australians.

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