England vs New Zealand

Upcoming - 1st Match - Ahmedabad

ICC Cricket World Cup


New Zealand

5 Oct 2023, Thur, 2:00 PM IST

Pakistan vs Netherlands

Upcoming - 2nd Match - Hyderabad

ICC Cricket World Cup



6 Oct 2023, Fri, 2:00 PM IST

Bangladesh vs Afghanistan

Upcoming - 3rd Match - Dharamsala

ICC Cricket World Cup



7 Oct 2023, Sat, 10:30 AM IST

South Africa vs Sri Lanka

Upcoming - 4th Match - Delhi

ICC Cricket World Cup

South Africa

Sri Lanka

7 Oct 2023, Sat, 2:00 PM IST

India vs Australia

Upcoming - 5th Match - Chennai

ICC Cricket World Cup



8 Oct 2023, Sun, 2:00 PM IST

ODI Cricket World Cup 2023 Points Table

The 13th edition of the ODI World Cup is all set to commence on October 5, with the entirety of the competition to be held in India. Notably, 10 cities have been shortlisted by the ICC and the BCCI as the World Cup 2023 Venues.

In addition to this, two more venues in Guwahati and Thiruvananthapuram will host the warm-up fixtures prior to the main event. 10 teams will take part in the event in a group stage format followed by the knockout rounds.

Each of the teams will play every other team in a round robin fashion once and the best four teams based on most points will qualify for the semi-finals. Defending champions England will cross swords against New Zealand in the curtain raiser of the World Cup on October 5 at the iconic Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad.

As many as 45 matches will be played the group stage followed by two semi-final fixtures and the summit clash to be contested on November 19 in Ahmedabad. Hosts India will play their first fixture against Australia on October 8 at the MA Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai.

As per the ODI Cricket World Cup Winners List, six nations have been successful in lifting the title thus far since its inception in 1975. Australia won the prestigious trophy a record five times whereas India and West Indies won it twice, England, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan have won it one time each.

India will host the ODI World Cup entirely for the first time since co-hosting the event in 1987, 1996, and 2011 along with other nations. Team India will look to push through and bring home the coveted title as they did back in 2011 in Wankhede.

Points Table

ICC Cricket World Cup
Afghanistan3rd Match7 Oct 2023
England7th Match10 Oct 2023
New Zealand11th Match13 Oct 2023
India17th Match19 Oct 2023
South Africa23th Match24 Oct 2023
Netherlands28th Match28 Oct 2023
Pakistan31st Match31 Oct 2023
Sri Lanka38th Match6 Nov 2023
Australia44th Match11 Nov 2023
2Sri LankaSL0000000
South Africa4th Match7 Oct 2023
Pakistan8th Match10 Oct 2023
Australia14th Match16 Oct 2023
Netherlands19th Match21 Oct 2023
England25th Match26 Oct 2023
Afghanistan30th Match30 Oct 2023
India33rd Match2 Nov 2023
Bangladesh38th Match6 Nov 2023
New Zealand41st Match9 Nov 2023
3South AfricaSA0000000
Sri Lanka4th Match7 Oct 2023
Australia10th Match12 Oct 2023
Netherlands15th Match17 Oct 2023
England20th Match21 Oct 2023
Bangladesh23th Match24 Oct 2023
Pakistan26th Match27 Oct 2023
New Zealand32nd Match1 Nov 2023
India37th Match5 Nov 2023
Afghanistan42nd Match10 Nov 2023
India5th Match8 Oct 2023
South Africa10th Match12 Oct 2023
Sri Lanka14th Match16 Oct 2023
Pakistan18th Match20 Oct 2023
Netherlands24th Match25 Oct 2023
New Zealand27th Match28 Oct 2023
England36th Match4 Nov 2023
Afghanistan39th Match7 Nov 2023
Bangladesh44th Match11 Nov 2023
New Zealand1st Match5 Oct 2023
Bangladesh7th Match10 Oct 2023
Afghanistan12th Match15 Oct 2023
South Africa20th Match21 Oct 2023
Sri Lanka25th Match26 Oct 2023
India29th Match29 Oct 2023
Australia36th Match4 Nov 2023
Netherlands40th Match8 Nov 2023
Pakistan45th Match11 Nov 2023
6New ZealandNZ0000000
England1st Match5 Oct 2023
Netherlands6th Match9 Oct 2023
Bangladesh11th Match13 Oct 2023
Afghanistan16th Match18 Oct 2023
India21st Match22 Oct 2023
Australia27th Match28 Oct 2023
South Africa32nd Match1 Nov 2023
Pakistan35th Match4 Nov 2023
Sri Lanka41st Match9 Nov 2023
Australia5th Match8 Oct 2023
Afghanistan9th Match11 Oct 2023
Pakistan13th Match14 Oct 2023
Bangladesh17th Match19 Oct 2023
New Zealand21st Match22 Oct 2023
England29th Match29 Oct 2023
Sri Lanka33rd Match2 Nov 2023
South Africa37th Match5 Nov 2023
Netherlands43rd Match12 Nov 2023
Netherlands2nd Match6 Oct 2023
Sri Lanka8th Match10 Oct 2023
India13th Match14 Oct 2023
Australia18th Match20 Oct 2023
Afghanistan22nd Match23 Oct 2023
South Africa26th Match27 Oct 2023
Bangladesh31st Match31 Oct 2023
New Zealand35th Match4 Nov 2023
England45th Match11 Nov 2023
Pakistan2nd Match6 Oct 2023
New Zealand6th Match9 Oct 2023
South Africa15th Match17 Oct 2023
Sri Lanka19th Match21 Oct 2023
Australia24th Match25 Oct 2023
Bangladesh28th Match28 Oct 2023
Afghanistan34th Match3 Nov 2023
England40th Match8 Nov 2023
India43rd Match12 Nov 2023
Bangladesh3rd Match7 Oct 2023
India9th Match11 Oct 2023
England12th Match15 Oct 2023
New Zealand16th Match18 Oct 2023
Pakistan22nd Match23 Oct 2023
Sri Lanka30th Match30 Oct 2023
Netherlands34th Match3 Nov 2023
Australia39th Match7 Nov 2023
South Africa42nd Match10 Nov 2023

M: Matches, W: Won, L: Lost, T: Tie, N/R: No Result, PTS: Points, Net RR: Net run rate, Q: Qualified