Famous Cricket fan a CricTracker Tribute

Famous Cricket fan a CricTracker Tribute

Famous Cricket fan a CricTracker Tribute: Cricket is just not a game played by 22 cricketers and 2 umpires in a cricket field. Thousands and Millions of other people are associated with this great sport. Fans make the majority of it. They laugh, they cry, get nervous, pray, swear and even fight in support of their favorite teams and players. Some of these fans are such die-hard fans that they never miss a single over or even a ball of the matches that involve their supporting teams. Some fans are too absorbed that they even give regular visits to stadiums and even travel abroad in support. Then there are some fans, who would dress fancy or paint their parts of body in patriotic colors and would watch  every single match among the crowds in the stadium, follow their team around the globe and become an ‘essential patriotic figure’ of the team’s manuscript. They are ardent, staunch, blunt and emotional in their support.

CricTracker pays its rich tribute to such ardent followers of their national teams and players.

6. Stani Army – Group

Team Supporting: Pakistan

Stani Army – Group
Stani Army – Group. (Photo Source: ICC)

Stani Army is a group of Pakistan cricket fans based in the UK and call themselves 12th man of the Pakistan Cricket team. They usually attend Pakistan’s matches in the UK and have travelled even to UAE and Sri Lanka for the World T20. There name came from the later part of the word ‘Pakistani’ and is a play in the name of English support group ‘Barmy Army’. They include a large variety of fancy dress fans; captained by Mr. Pakistan Cricket (Amjad) Stani Army includes Sheikh of Pakistan, Pakistan Man, a King, a Dictator, a Pakistan fighter pilot or motorcyclist (not sure), a Doctor and huge number of members dressed in green Pakistani shirts.

Mr. Pakistan is more celebrated fan of them all who eagerly involves in charity works for various foundations and travels following the Pakistan national team more frequently than others. He was recently voted as the ‘Ultimate Cricket Fan’ by cricket lovers from around the globe and will be sponsored to cheer for his team in World Cup 2015.

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