Fans attack God defends; Sachin comes to back Yuvraj

Fans attack God defends; Sachin comes to back Yuvraj

Yuvraj Singh has been criticized way too much for his last performance not by experts but by fans. Terming the left hander reason for India’s loss, it’s a team game no individual can win or lose game. He is just being made scapegoat and target to settle all frustrations caused due to India’s loss yesterday.

Yuvraj is a true match winner and remains one always a single innings where he struggled to time the ball and get away does not make him a bad player. Check the un-human behavior of a few fans (also read yuvraj singh house attacked.)

Former team mates Harbahajan and Sachin backs Yuvraj Singh
Former team mates Harbahajan and Sachin backs Yuvraj Singh

The cricketing fraternity has been firm in backing Yuvraj right from Skipper Dhoni who defended his player in the post match conference to ex team mate and friend Harbhajan Singh who tweeted:

@harbhajan_singh Shocking to c every1 blaming @yuvstrong12. Guys this man gas won 2wc”s. one of the rare match winners india has produced.

From 1st 19wc to natwest to 2007t20 to 2011wc. Find me a player who has done so much in big matches. 1 bad day and we become so bitter.

N pls don’t forget he wasn’t there alone. 10 others were there too. Lets admit better team won. Why to find a scapegoat. It’s a team game

We are a team guys lets support our team and players

Harbhajan requested fans to stay calm and support Yuvraj and entire team in times of low. These are the same players who have given us numerous occasions to celebrate and they get more disappointed than us, so we should rather back them.

Yuvraj’s idol and God of Cricket Sachin Tendulkar too came out to support Yuvi, he posted on his facebook page
“All of us took pride in the heroics of Yuvi when we won the T20 World Cup in 2007 and his outstanding contribution in the ODI World Cup win in 2011 will always be cherished. Last evening, Yuvi had a tough day and he can be criticized. But he should not be crucified nor should he be written off,”

It’s real disgust that we treat our players in such a bad fashion, one should act responsibly and not do anything that could hurt their our favorite star.