Watch: Funniest weirdest dismissals in cricket

Watch: Funniest weirdest dismissals in cricket

Watch: Funniest weirdest dismissals in cricket: Since the last two or two and a half weeks, cricket has been referred as one of the most deadly and a dangerous. But cricket is not all about injuries, and the Phil Hughes incident can well be taken as a freak incident. There have been hilarious incidents on the cricket field. A few good enough to make you rock and roll laughing and some would make viewers laugh out loud. These little moments makes cricket fun and entertaining for spectators. In this special video, we will look at 5 most bizarre and funny dismissals in cricket.

5) Kumar Sangakkara’s hit wicket

This unexpectedly funny dismissal of Kumar Sangakkara came in the Compaq Cup between India and Sri Lanka. It’s surely one of the funniest hit wickets we have seen occur till date. It was RP Singh who bowled a full toss, Sangakkara played it casually but while playing the shot his bat slipped of his hand and landed over the stumps to dislodge the bails from its origin. Sangakkara and everyone watching that was stunned by how unlucky he was for his bat to one slip off his hand and two directly hit his stumps.

4) Inzamam-ul-Haq dismissal

In a test match between Pakistan and England, Inzamam attempted a sweep shot of England spinner Monty Panesar’s bowling. But he lost his balance completely, (blame it on his weight) and stumbled upon the wicket in a moment. In the next fraction of a second, he finds himself above the stumps in the most awkward position possible. He tried his best to avoid touching the stumps but he was not at all in any sort of position to control himself and the bails dropped to make sure Inzi returned to the pavilion.

3) Kevin Petersen dismissal

England’s star batsman in exile, Kevin Petersen was dismissed in a weird moment, but his dismissal was really a funny one to watch. West Indian all-rounder, Dwayne Bravo bowled a short-pitched delivery to KP at a good speed. The ball went on to hit Petersen’s behind the neck, below the helmet. The knots of the helmet couldn’t hold on itself as the helmet flied off from his head and directly hit the stumps. One of the weirdest and funniest dismissal one can ever think of in cricket.

2) Peter Kirsten’s non-strike, run out

In an ODI match between India and South Africa, while the Proteas were batting, on the non-strike end was Peter Kirsten and the bowler was the Indian all-rounder Kapil Dev. While Kapil Dev completed his run-up and was about to deliver the ball, his eye caught the glimpse that Peter Kirsten already left the crease and was half a feet away from the line even while Dev was still in his delivery stride. So, the bowler found out a clever trick to dismiss Kirsten. He stopped abruptly and directly hit the stumps with ball in his hand. Kirsten was unaware of Kapil’s tactic and seemed really frustrated after the umpire raised his finger.

1) Shane Warne’s delivery to Strauss

Without any doubt, the best leg spinner in the history of the game, Shane Warne bowled England batsman, Andrew Strauss with a spell-bounding delivery in the Ashes 2005. After the ball left Warne’s hand, it pitched in the crack which was towards Strauss’s off stump. Originally, it was 2 feet away from Strauss’s body; but it turned massively for almost 2.5 feet and went on to hit the middle and the leg stump from behind the batsman’s leg. It is one of Warne’s best deliveries which kept Strauss stare at the stumps for the next few seconds without any idea of what had just happened.

Here is the Video of all five dismissals: