Hardik-Rahul incident could never have happened in our time: Yuvraj Singh

Hardik-Rahul incident could never have happened in our time: Yuvraj Singh

Hardik-Rahul were handed with a suspension for their sexist comments in a chat show.

Hardik Pandya, Karan Johar, KL Rahul and Yuvraj Singh
Hardik Pandya, Karan Johar, KL Rahul and Yuvraj Singh. (Photo Source: Twitter and Getty Images)

Rohit Sharma, the Indian opener and Yuvraj Singh interacted in a long live session on Instagram on Tuesday. While discussing some important topics related to cricket, the latter also threw light on the change of culture in Team India. He also talked about the infamous coffee scandal involving Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul. And, he feels that it could have never happened in his time with Team India.

Both the young cricketers were suspended by the BCCI for their derogatory comments on air in the show ‘Koffee with Karan’. Rather team India was on Australia tour when the episode was aired and the duo was sent back ahead of the ODI series with investigation regarding the matter in progress. Moreover, they also gave an unconditional apology to the BCCI after they were asked to respond to the notice.

That incident could not have happened in our time.” Yuvraj said while recalling the incident which happened last year in January. Both the players now admit that they learnt a lot from it and have been focussing only on playing cricket since then.

Yuvraj feels the gap between seniors and juniors has decreased

The 38-year-old feels that there was a certain behaviour that the players used to carry in public. Everyone used to be very well-rehearsed as they were representing Team India. He also went on to say that many upcoming cricketers used look up to the seniors as a role model.

As per Yuvraj Singh, the gap between the seniors and youngsters has decreased after social media and party scenes came into the picture. He added the fact that he could have never thought of the same while playing with his seniors. And, he never wanted any senior player to come and rectify his mistakes or scold him for his actions.

“There was a certain behaviour that we boys had to carry, how they talk to people, how they talk to media. Because they were the ambassadors of the game and India. But it is not the same anymore. I think juniors, because of social media, party scenes, these things, we could not even think about that in our time.

Because we had that fear that if we do some mistake our senior will tell us that do not do this, this is not right,” Yuvraj told Rohit. The duo also discussed the time when they used to play together in the Indian team and how they became friends.