I remember Mumbai Indians requesting a trade for Rashid Khan, two years ago: Tom Moody

I remember Mumbai Indians requesting a trade for Rashid Khan, two years ago: Tom Moody

Mumbai Indians are walking with heads high after clinching their 5th IPL Trophy.

Rashid Khan
Rashid Khan. (Photo Source: IPL/BCCI)

The huge pomp and show around the 13th season of the Indian Premier League finally ended when Mumbai Indians their fifth IPL trophy and the second one in a row. The defending champions maintained their dominance throughout the season and gave it a perfect touch after defeating Delhi by five wickets on the finale night. Talking about one of their secret moves, MI always has been too active in trading the best of the players in their team.

They gave a masterclass to other franchises when they traded pacer Trent Boult from Delhi this year. And how Boult showed up with a new ball this year was more than impressive, and he even did a brilliant job on the final day. In the same light, former SRH coach Tom Moody revealed that Mumbai had intentions of trading Rashid Khan around two years back. He stated the fact that no other team has such courage, and Mumbai is too active in seeking trade opportunities in order to get the best one in their lot.

Moody revealed the story in a recent video of ESPNcricinfo of how MI requested the trade of their ace spinner Rashid Khan.

“I remember them (Mumbai Indians), it may have been 2-years ago, requesting a trade for Rashid Khan. I mean come on! No other franchise had the gumption or bravado to be able to knock on the door and say look we’d like to get a trade for Rashid Khan – that’s like okay, I’m sure you do so, does the rest of the world.”

Mumbai are not afraid to knock on your doors: Tom Moody

SRH coach even lauded Mumbai’s courage to ask for the best possible trades from other franchises. It is because of Mumbai’s active nature that they have been able to maintain their best form over the years. They try to make improvisations even if it is bit by bit, highlighted Moody.

“What I’ve found through my experience over the last few years in the IPL is that Mumbai Indians is probably one of the most active teams in regards to seeking trade opportunities. They are not afraid to knock on your doors and ask for ridiculous. And they keep knocking on the door, and if they keep doing that to seven other franchises, they are eventually going to get what they want,” concluded Moody.