IPL 10: Gujarat Lions owner Keshav Bansal confirms GL, RPS exit next year

"As we speak today, the contract states that the two new teams Pune and Gujarat will go out, so that's the fact of the matter," quoted Keshav Bansal.

Gujarat Lions
Skipper Suresh Raina and team owner Keshav Bansal at the launch of the Gujarat Lions team jersey. (Photo Source: Twitter)

The Gujarat Lions owner Keshav Bansal has brought down the curtains on all speculations about the participation of Lions and the Rising Pune Supergiant in the future editions of the tournament. Both GL and RPS arrived in the IPL roster last year after Chennai Superkings and Rajasthan Royals were suspended for two years due to their financial disparities with the Indian cricket board.

While it was pretty certain that both CSK and RR would return to the fore after serving their suspension periods, many wondered what would happen to the temporary sides GL and RPS. Now, the Gujarat Lions owner has answered all such questions to bring an end to the discussion. As per the quotes in the Cricbuzz, Keshav Bansal confirmed that both Lions and Supergiant will exit from the tournament next year.


Also, he remarked that the contract that they had signed last year had clearly stated their duration in the tournament as just 2 years. Hence, after completion of this season of the tournament, the two teams will part ways with the tournament.

“As we speak today, the contract states that the two new teams Pune and Gujarat will go out, so that’s the fact of the matter. When we bought the team, it was very clear that we will be buying it only for two years and after two years, these two teams will go out and the other two will come back, so that’s the way it is,” said Keshav Bansal.

When asked if the team would want to stay associated with the IPL, the Gujarat Lions owner replied in positive. He said that if there comes an opportunity to continue in the tournament, the Lions would be more than happy to stay associated and participate in the tournament.

“For sure, the intention is there. When we bought the team it was a different scenario, today it’s a different scenario, I’m quite attached to IPL personally and professionally both so I think the economics and all the other factors should be feasible, so given a chance we would love to (continue),” he quoted.

Earlier, BCCI CEO Rahul Johri had confirmed that CSK and RR will return to the IPL next year.