IPL 2018: Priya Prakash Varrier raises the heat in the T20 season

IPL 2018: Priya Prakash Varrier raises the heat in the T20 season

Priya Prakash became an overnight sensation following a clip from her movie Oru Adar Love.

Priya Varrier
Priya Varrier. (Photo Source: Twitter)

A couple of months ago, personality by the name of Priya Prakash Varrier, was nothing more than a mere name. After a few hours, the ‘name’ turned into an overnight celebrity following a clip of her debut movie ‘Oru Adar Love’, a Malayalam comedy movie. In the video, she was seen winking at Roshan Abdul Rahoof, her love interest in the movie.

The killer expression instantly went viral over the social media platforms. Subsequently, she grabbed the limelight and generated a significant fan-base as her followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram escalated at the rate of knots. Later, another video from the same flick was released when she was seen blowing a flying kiss to her co-star, imitating a gunshot, which again found a plethora of viewers.

Priya Prakash continues to weave her magic

Meanwhile, she also became a butt of jokes in the social media platform in the form of memes. Moreover, several people started practising the acts by Priya Prakash. Recently, she made a stunning appearance in one of the advertisements, which she pulled off gracefully. The eleventh season of the Indian Premier League (IPL) is currently underway.

The Indian T20 extravaganza is a perfect platform for advertisers to garner significant revenues and they churn out strategies to keep the audience connected to the game through the advertisements. ‘Munch’- A chocolate brand, has shot a commercial, starring the ‘winking sensation’.

In the video, she has been seen having the chocolate sitting on a cricket ground and during this while a white ball trundles at her. One of the players come and asks her to pass him the ball t which she replied that she doesn’t pick things from the ground. The clip is most definitely sure to attract a lot of viewers.

Here is the video of the ad