IPL 2019: Flop XI of the second week (Match 13 – Match 21)

IPL 2019: Flop XI of the second week (Match 13 – Match 21)

These highly talented players failed to live up to their reputation.

Marcus Stoinis
Marcus Stoinis. (Photo Source: Twitter)

The players, on whom there were big expectations, disappointed in the second week. While some cricketers managed to find themselves out of this embarrassing list, there are a few other new entrants on this list. Ideally, no cricketer would want to be on the Flop XI.

But their performances made it nothing but inevitable for them to feature here. The Flop XI this week has got players from almost all the eight teams. There could be many players who might not have performed well. But the players on this list were picked on the basis of their stats and their stature. It makes very little sense to place a rookie on this list who could be playing his first IPL season and has got a very little experience.

Here is the eleven of those players who failed during the first week:

1. Prithvi Shaw | Delhi Capitals

Prithvi Shaw
Prithvi Shaw. (Photo Source: Bidesh Manna/IANS)

After scoring a 99 in the last week, Prithvi Shaw didn’t find himself in good space in the second week. He is an exceptional talent but threw his wicket more often than not. In three games this week, Shaw returned with scores of 0(1), 11(11) and 28(22). A lot more is expected from a youngster who is as talented as Shaw. He needs to be picky with his shots and should not look to take risks very often.

Matches: 3

Runs: 39

Average: 13

HS: 28

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