IPL: 3 instances when an uncapped Indian batsman smashed a capped Indian bowler in one over

IPL: 3 instances when an uncapped Indian batsman smashed a capped Indian bowler in one over

On those days, the experienced bowlers went for runs at a hemorrhaging rate.

Ishan Kishan
Ishan Kishan of Mumbai Indians celebrates his half-century. (Photo by Kuntal Chakrabarty/IANS)

Nowadays IPL is the biggest T20 extravaganza of the globe and fans all over the world enjoy the action and drama which unfolds in front of them. Year after year, the bandwagon is heading in the right direction for the Indian cricket. In its sojourn of 12 years, it has become bigger and better and now has become an integral part of the cricketing fraternity. IPL has flourished due to its perfect recipe of entertainment, due to the talent involved in it and definitely due to the warmth it has received from the audience.

Here there are heavyweights and underdogs but the results have never been predictable. IPL has provided the players with the platform to showcase their skills. The domestic players have been benefitted immensely as they learn the tricks of the trade from the international masters present in their squad, and the coaching staff which consists of yesteryear legends of the game.

There have been instances when a babyface becomes an overnight sensation in just one over. The following are the instances when an uncapped player absolutely went bonkers on Indian international bowlers:

Mayank Agarwal – Munaf Patel, 2012:

Mayank Agarwal KXIP
Mayank Agarwal. (Photo Source: Facebook)

RCB was looking for a flourish in the end overs to put up a sizeable total on the board and the onus was on Mayank Agarwal. Chugging through his strides Munaf Patel tried to execute a yorker but the result was a maximum to long off from a full toss. After some pep talk from Karthik, the second ball from Munaf was wide half volley and Agarwal opened the blade gently to the backward point for a boundary to get to his half-century.

Now the bowler was under the pump and the result was a second full toss on off stump and this time Mayank drilled a boundary to long off. Already 14 runs in 3 balls and Mayank’s ominous hitting worried the captain Harbhajan Singh. The fourth delivery was a slower ball on the middle which was whacked by the batsman but a superb dive at long on by Rohit saved the boundary.

In the penultimate ball, the RCB chants reached a new sound level as Mayank deposited the ball into the stands over long-on with his brute power. The final ball was coming up and this time Munaf bowled a full ball at the base of middle stump and Mayank stole a brace with all the might and the screen read 24 runs from the last over.

Sarfaraz Khan – Bhuvneshwar Kumar, 2016:

Sarfaraz Khan
Kings XI Punjab’s Sarfaraz Khan (Photo Source: Surjeet Yadav/IANS)

It was only the 4th match of the season, and the fans already saw the ABD blitz minutes ago. A young Sarfaraz Khan was at the non-striker’s end when Bhuvi was ready to bowl the first ball of the 18th over, and a perfect yorker resulted in a single from Jadhav’s bat. Trying to repeat the previous action this time Kumar dished out a wide full toss and Sarfaraz sitting deep in the crease caressed the ball to the boundary through extra cover.

Now the bowler bluffed and hurled a length ball at the stumps but Khan played a shot ala Dil- scoop and the ball ended up at fine leg fence. The Indian speedster was under pressure and it was clear when he delivered the fourth ball, which was a full toss on off stump and this time Sarfaraz showed his skills by reverse scooping the ball for a six over the third man boundary.

The Bangalore crowd went bonkers when the fifth ball also ended up at fine leg fence as it was again scooped by the teenager while walking across the stumps. The field was changed for the last ball but the result didn’t, as Sarfaraz Khan lofted it over extra cover for the boundary. By the end of the over fans witnessed another superstar in the making, and a 23 run over from an established Indian bowler.

Ishan Kishan – Kuldeep Yadav, 2018:

Ishan Kishan of the Mumbai Indians
Ishan Kishan of MI plays a shot. (Photo Source: Twitter)

All KKR bowlers were carted around the field and it was time for captain Dinesh Karthik to bring back his X-factor, Kuldeep Yadav. When Kuldeep started the 13th over Rohit Sharma was at strike with Ishan Kishan at the other end, and the first ball was a conventional leg spinner which turned out to be a dot. Kuldeep again tried his stock delivery and this time Rohit took a single by gently tapping it to square leg.

After making the necessary field changes for the southpaw, Kuldeep bowled a delivery at the leg-stump line which was smoked by Ishan Kishan for half-a-dozen over backward square leg. The Chinaman showed his bravery by tossing up the fourth ball but the youngster with his raw power smacked the ball over deep mid-wicket.

The crowd was stunned to silence when Kishan completed his hat-trick of sixes and a 17-ball half-century by sending the fifth ball to the long-on stands. The MI camp was applauding the efforts of Kishan and right after that, he deposited the final ball over cow corner for the fourth maximum. Kuldeep gave away 25 runs in the over as Ishan Kishan put up his hitting abilities on show.

~Written by Kiran Kumar