IPL teams and their EPL counterparts

IPL teams CSK

CSK. (Photo Source: Twitter)

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IPL teams and their EPL counterparts: The Indian Premier League (IPL) is the Indian answer to the English Premier League (EPL) of England. Both leagues have been highly competitive over the years and the drama has been absolutely engrossing every time that it is played. While Cricket is followed by millions of people around the world, it cannot match the popularity of Football. Football is followed by more than 150 countries around the globe and enjoys a reach wider than cricket. But IPL is the first step in addressing that and it has generated enormous interest leading to instant comparisons with the EPL.

So here’s a look at IPL teams and their EPL counterparts.

1. Chennai Super Kings – Manchester United:

Manchester United
Manchester United. (© Getty Images)

The most successful IPL team of all time has many similarities to the most successful team of the EPL. Apart from a blip last season United has consistently been at the top end of the table fighting for the title much like the CSK. Also United have kept their core players together and have created huge stars of the game at Old Trafford. Similarly CSK have made Bravo, Smith and Ashwin stars by introducing or re-introducing them to the world. Both teams have been successful and winning titles consistently over the years. CSK have an inspirational and influential leader like Dhoni and United have been led by legends of the game like Giggs and Van der Sar, Scholes and Ferdinand. Both teams are big brands in the industry and have a huge fan base.

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