Isa Guha hits back at Geoffrey Boycott's 'equality over quality' comment

Isa Guha hits back at Geoffrey Boycott’s ‘equality over quality’ comment

Boycott had commented after being axed as a radio commentator by a public broadcaster.

Geoffrey Boycott and Isa Guha
Geoffrey Boycott and Isa Guha. (Photo Source: Getty Images and Twitter)

Former England cricketer and commentator Isa Guha has finally broken her silence on Geoffrey Boycott’s sexism comments recently. The latter had stated that BBC is preferring ‘equality over quality’ after he was axed from their radio commentary team in June. While he didn’t name Isa directly, some media outlets had reported that the 2009 World Cup winner replaced Boycott in the panel.

However, Isa Guha feels it is better to ignore such things. But she also cleared that it feels a bit odd to hear that she has replaced Boycott in the panel despite working in the field covering the Men’s International cricket for BBC for almost 10 years.

“I tend to ignore these articles and realise that, by reacting, it only fulfils the objectives of the headline. But having been subjected to this over the last few years I just wanted to say a couple of things. I appreciate people have varying opinions on the job I do as a presenter/commentator. However, the idea that I have ‘replaced’ Geoffrey is a bit odd, having worked on international men’s cricket at the BBC for the best part of 10 years,” she was quoted as saying by 7 News.

My role is completely different to Boycott’s, says Isa Guha

Opening up more about replacing Geoffrey Boycott, Isa Guha also made it clear that her role in completely different. She is also tired of being dragged into sexism controversies due to the colour of her skin and her gender. “Furthermore, my role is completely different to Geoffrey’s. To keep being dragged into this kind of conversation purely because of the colour of my skin and gender is quite frankly tiresome and only serves to create division.

“I only have sadness that this should be deemed newsworthy over something more positive and inspiring,” Isa Guha further added.

What did Geoffrey Boycott actually say?

Geoffrey Boycott, after facing the axe, had criticised the public broadcaster for preferring equality over quality. He had also said that he is always frightened while working for them. “They have sacrificed quality for equality. It is now all about political correctness, about gender and race. When you work for them you are wary and frightened of saying anything. It is a minefield out there and that is sad.

“I think long after I am dead there will be a government come along who will take away the BBC’s funding and they will have to go private, out into the real world like ITV and Sky because at the top, it is not run particularly well,” he had said while speaking to The Telegraph.