'Kabhi Mahi bhai se puchiyo' - Virat Kohli reveals why he took up keeping duties in an ODI against Bangladesh

‘Kabhi Mahi bhai se puchiyo’ – Virat Kohli reveals why he took up keeping duties in an ODI against Bangladesh

In a recent conversation, Virat Kohli disclosed why MS Dhoni asked him to don his wicketkeeping gloves

Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Virat Kohli has been one of the finest cricketers Indian cricket has witnessed till date. He has been top-notch in any responsibility that has been trusted upon him. Kohli has proven to be an able successor to MS Dhoni. Kohli, who took charge of the Indian cricket team a few years ago has enjoyed a great rapport with Dhoni. The mutual trust between the two greats has always benefitted in the team’s winning cause.

Captain Kohli has been a great batman, a fine fielder, and also his slower ones with the ball have also benefitted the team. He has been absolutely bang-on with his duties. He always makes sure that he never fails to take his team over the line. Being a captain of the world no. 1 team also requires you to be at the helm of every cricketing duty required to win the game.

Ask Mahi bhai how it happened: Virat Kohli

People would be astonished to know that in an ODI against Bangladesh in 2015, Kohli had to carry out wicketkeeping duties. In the 44th over of Bangladesh’s innings, MS Dhoni had to go to the washroom and he asked Kohli to keep wickets. Mahi came back in the 45th over and Kohli then returned to his usual fielding position.

In a recent discussion with fellow teammate Mayank Agarwal on his talk show, ‘Open Nets with Mayank’ uploaded on official BCCI website, Kohli recalled the moment. Mayank was doing a phase in the course of the interview wherein he was displaying some pictures to Kohli of his profession and was asking him to talk on those moments.

Mayank displayed a picture to Kohli where he was donning the wicketkeeping gloves and he requested, “how did this occur?” In his response, Kohli mentioned, “Kabhi Mahi bhai se puchiyo how did this occur. He mentioned ‘yaar do teen over simply hold wickets’. I used to be maintaining wickets and likewise adjusting the sector,” Kohli revealed.

Bohot beizati ho jaegy: Virat Kohli

The RCB captain also applauded MS by saying that, “Then I understood he (MS) has loads on his plate when he’s on the sector as a result of which he has to deal with each ball and likewise modify the sector.”

Kohli also explained his fear while wicketkeeping, “The one problem was Umesh was bowling and he was bowling gas. I thought naak pe lag jaegy ball and I wanted to wear a helmet but then thought bohot beizati ho jaegy.”

Kohli in the same interview also expressed his belief that in Test match a draw isn’t a possibility for him. The batsman added that he would all the time attempt to win each phase of the game.