Kohli is arguably the world’s best batsman, says Shashi Tharoor

He also talked about former Indian captain MS Dhoni and his position in this Indian team.

Shashi Tharoor
Shashi Tharoor. (Photo Source: Getty Images)

Cricket is a religion in India and thus every individual from a commoner to a celeb from any strata of the society carries and expresses their opinion on the sport. Former Union Minister of India, Shashi Tharoor, a very popular orator has been a great admirer of the game. A Member of Parliament from the Congress party, Tharoor has been in love with cricket from his childhood and grew up watching the likes of Pataudi and someone as great as Kapil Dev, who impressed him the most.

Tharoor always tends to be in touch with the happenings in the cricketing scene and is aware of most things in Indian cricket In his recent chat with a dailyhe opened about the prospects that he feels lie ahead for the Indian skipper Virat Kohli in terms of his captaincy given he has already achieved great heights with his abilities with the bat.


MS Dhoni is still a giant in Indian cricket

Tharoor, as mentioned above is a keen follower of Indian cricket and hence carries quite an opinion about the former Indian captain, MS Dhoni considering the role that the individual plays for the team at the moment. He thinks Dhoni adds immense value to this team given his calmness under crunch situations and the experience of playing with the legends of the game, is certainly precious as the team moves forward.

“A Dhoni still is a giant in the team. He hasn’t just been indispensable as a player, but his calmness is also indispensable. There’s a quiet sense of authority and command,” emphasized Tharoor while talking to The Telegraph.

He is of the view that remarked Dhoni’s transformation as a player which is in exact contrast with his early days, “The Dhoni of recent years has been such a contrast from the image he had early on, long hair and twinkling eyes, ” he adds.

Kohli is the world’s best batsmen

The current Indian captain has been widely praised from around the globe considering his recent form with the bat and Tharoor holds a similar opinion about the Modern Master. “Kohli is arguably the world’s best batsman, which gives him an extra edge (as captain). That shouldn’t really be relevant to captaincy, but a captain like Kohli gets that extra respect,” the 61-year-old added. “He was moved by the passion that he possesses towards the game which is much evident on the field, ” If someone drops a catch or fails to take a single, his face says it all,” he further said.