Australia Under-19s vs England Under-19s, Match 2 - Live Cricket Score

England Under-19s tour of Australia, 2023 | 6 Feb 2023, Mon, 5:30 AM IST | TBA

ResultAustralia Under-19s won by 7 wickets


165/10 (44 ov) & 367/10 (97.4 ov)



346/10 (91 ov) & 187/3 (49 ov)

Harry SinghHarry Singhc Huge Weibgen b Austin Anlezark5130038.46
Ben MckinneyBen Mckinneyc Luke Holt b William Salzmann382660146.15
Jacob BethellJacob Bethellc Liam Blackford b Callum Vidler190011.11
James RewJames Rewlbw b Austin Anlezark12381031.58
Matthew HurstMatthew Hurstrunout (Joel Davies)27713038.03
Danial IbrahimDanial Ibrahimc Callum Vidler b William Salzmann545462100.00
Dominic KellyDominic Kellyc Liam Blackford b Callum Vidler05000.00
Tom AspinwallTom Aspinwallc Liam Blackford b Charlie Anderson012000.00
Bertie ForemanBertie Foremanc Liam Blackford b Charlie Anderson02000.00
Eddie JackEddie Jackc Charlie Anderson b William Salzmann11242045.83
Jack HardingJack HardingNot out9121075.00
Extra( b - 0, w - 0, no - 2, lb - 6, p - 0 )8
Total( 3.75 Runs per over )165 (10 Wkts, 44 Ov)

Fall of Wickets

8-1 (Harry Singh, 2.4), 26-2 (Jacob Bethell, 5.1), 46-3 (Ben Mckinney, 10.4), 72-4 (James Rew, 18.5), 109-5 (Matthew Hurst, 30.5), 109-6 (Dominic Kelly, 31.5), 112-7 (Tom Aspinwall, 34.4), 112-8 (Bertie Foreman, 34.6), 142-9 (Danial Ibrahim, 39.3), 165-10 (Eddie Jack, 43.6)

Austin Anlezark90562106.22
Callum Vidler125192001.58
William Salzmann110563105.09
Charlie Anderson93252002.78
Joel Davies3130001.00

Eathan JamiesonEathan Jamiesonc James Rew b Tom Aspinwall761118168.47
Harry DixonHarry Dixonc Harry Singh b Jack Harding212140100.00
Harjas SinghHarjas Singhc Jacob Bethell b Jack Harding01000.00
Huge WeibgenHuge Weibgenc Harry Singh b Jacob Bethell56758074.67
Joel DaviesJoel Daviesc Harry Singh b Tom Aspinwall841576053.50
Liam BlackfordLiam Blackfordc Bertie Foreman b Eddie Jack14261053.85
William SalzmannWilliam Salzmannb Tom Aspinwall1100010.00
Luke HoltLuke Holtc James Rew b Dominic Kelly11242045.83
Charlie AndersonCharlie Andersonc Matthew Hurst b Jack Harding64878173.56
Austin AnlezarkAustin Anlezarkc Matthew Hurst b Dominic Kelly7200035.00
Callum VidlerCallum VidlerNot out4170023.53
Extra( b - 1, w - 3, no - 3, lb - 1, p - 0 )8
Total( 3.80 Runs per over )346 (10 Wkts, 91 Ov)

Fall of Wickets

35-1 (Harry Dixon, 8.4), 35-2 (Harjas Singh, 8.5), 143-3 (Huge Weibgen, 31.4), 167-4 (Eathan Jamieson, 36.3), 188-5 (Liam Blackford, 42.6), 195-6 (William Salzmann, 47.2), 219-7 (Luke Holt, 54.2), 334-8 (Joel Davies, 84.4), 334-9 (Charlie Anderson, 85.1), 346-10 (Austin Anlezark, 90.6)

Tom Aspinwall181673033.72
Dominic Kelly141692004.93
Jack Harding191763304.00
Eddie Jack162501003.13
Bertie Foreman90400004.44
Jacob Bethell150421002.80

Harry SinghHarry Singhc Liam Blackford b Callum Vidler11252044.00
Ben MckinneyBen Mckinneyc Harjas Singh b Callum Vidler69848182.14
Jacob BethellJacob Bethelllbw b Joel Davies12320510260.00
James RewJames Rewlbw b Joel Davies621078157.94
Matthew HurstMatthew Hurstc Liam Blackford b Austin Anlezark28552150.91
Danial IbrahimDanial Ibrahimc Huge Weibgen b Eathan Jamieson290022.22
Dominic KellyDominic Kellyc Luke Holt b Charlie Anderson19374051.35
Tom AspinwallTom Aspinwallb William Salzmann6151040.00
Bertie ForemanBertie Foremanc William Salzmann b Eathan Jamieson20334060.61
Eddie JackEddie Jackc Liam Blackford b William Salzmann140025.00
Jack HardingJack HardingNot out6121050.00
Extra( b - 13, w - 3, no - 0, lb - 4, p - 0 )20
Total( 3.76 Runs per over )367 (10 Wkts, 97.4 Ov)

Fall of Wickets

23-1 (Harry Singh, 7.5), 145-2 (Ben Mckinney, 32.4), 260-3 (James Rew, 65.5), 289-4 (Jacob Bethell, 75.4), 297-5 (Danial Ibrahim, 78.2), 316-6 (Matthew Hurst, 82.4), 337-7 (Tom Aspinwall, 88.5), 337-8 (Dominic Kelly, 89.4), 348-9 (Eddie Jack, 92.1), 367-10 (Bertie Foreman, 97.4)

William Salzmann171722014.24
Callum Vidler203742003.70
Charlie Anderson202581012.90
Austin Anlezark142391002.79
Luke Holt60440007.33
Huge Weibgen3190003.00
Eathan Jamieson5.40252014.41
Joel Davies122292002.42

Eathan JamiesonEathan Jamiesonlbw b Bertie Foreman48862155.81
Harry DixonHarry Dixonb Dominic Kelly121230100.00
Harjas SinghHarjas Singhc (sub George Thomas-II) b Bertie Foreman29702041.43
Huge WeibgenHuge WeibgenNot out627512082.67
Luke HoltLuke HoltNot out32536060.38
Extra( b - 0, w - 0, no - 2, lb - 2, p - 0 )4
Total( 3.82 Runs per over )187 (3 Wkts, 49 Ov)

Fall of Wickets

18-1 (Harry Dixon, 3.4), 73-2 (Harjas Singh, 22.3), 132-3 (Eathan Jamieson, 34.1)

Tom Aspinwall132440003.38
Dominic Kelly81341004.25
Jack Harding20160208.00
Eddie Jack92490005.40
Bertie Foreman101212002.10
Jacob Bethell70210003.00



England Under-19s tour of Australia

Date & Time

6 Feb 2023, Mon, 5:30 AM IST


England Under-19s won the toss & elected to bat




Joshua Adie (Australia), Nathan James (Australia)

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England Under-19s


Australia U-19 will lock horns with England U-19 in the 2nd Youth Test fixture of the series at Brisbane. The first game of the series witnessed England U-19 winning the close-contested game by 24 runs. 

In the first innings, England posted 314 on the board, and then took a lead of 46 runs. Then, they amassed 254 and set a target of 301 runs. However, the hosts were all-out for 276. The visitors will rely on Harry Singh and Bertie Foreman, while Liam Backford and Josh Vernon are the key players for Australia. It will be interesting to see if Aussies produce a comeback to level the series. 

Playing XI

Australia Under-19s

England Under-19s

Harjas Singh
Harjas Singh
Eathan Jamieson
Eathan Jamieson
Joel Davies
Joel Davies
Harry Dixon
Harry Dixon
Huge Weibgen
Huge Weibgen
William Salzmann
William Salzmann
Charlie Anderson
Charlie Anderson
Liam Blackford
Liam Blackfordwk
Luke Holt
Luke Holt
Austin Anlezark
Austin Anlezark
Callum Vidler
Callum Vidler