Austria vs Ireland XI, Match 3 - Live Cricket Score

European Cricket Championship, 2022 | 12 Sep 2022, Mon, 7:00 PM IST | Cartama Oval,Cartama

Match Starts In



Qadargul UtmanzaiQadargul Utmanzaic J McNally b Mikey O'Reilly13142092.86
Mark Simpson ParkerMark Simpson Parkerc Jared Wilson b Matthew Humphreys241122218.18
Razmal ShigiwalRazmal Shigiwalc Scott MacBeth b Jamie Forbes23922255.56
Ahsan YousufAhsan Yousufc Max Burton b Matthew Humphreys120050.00
Zeshan ArifZeshan Arifc Max Burton b Jared Wilson8501160.00
Ranjit Singh-1Ranjit Singh-1runout (Jamie Forbes / John Matchett)01000.00
Jaweed ZadranJaweed Zadranc J McNally b Jamie Forbes01000.00
Aqib IqbalAqib IqbalNot out171011170.00
Arsalan ArifArsalan Arifc Scott MacBeth b Mikey O'Reilly150020.00
Daniel EcksteinDaniel Ecksteinc Scott MacBeth b Mikey O'Reilly01000.00
Itibarshah DeedarItibarshah DeedarNot out01000.00
Yet To Bat: -
Extra( b - 1, w - 4, no - 0, lb - 1, p - 0 )6
Total( 9.30 Runs per over )93 (9 Wkts, 10 Ov)

Fall of Wickets

24-1 (Qadargul Utmanzai, 2.6), 63-2 (Mark Simpson Parker, 5.2), 65-3 (Ahsan Yousuf, 5.5), 65-4 (Razmal Shigiwal, 6.1), 65-5 (Ranjit Singh-1, 6.2), 72-6 (Jaweed Zadran, 6.5), 74-7 (Zeshan Arif, 7.3), 81-8 (Arsalan Arif, 8.5), 81-9 (Daniel Eckstein, 8.6)

Matthew Humphreys20122006.00
Finn Catherwood20190019.50
Mikey O'Reilly20113025.50
Jamie Forbes202920114.50
Jared Wilson202010010.00

John MatchettJohn Matchettc Razmal Shigiwal b Itibarshah Deedar10910111.11
Seamus LynchSeamus LynchNot out591837327.78
Max BurtonMax BurtonNot out21731300.00
Yet To Bat: -
Extra( b - 0, w - 3, no - 0, lb - 4, p - 0 )7
Total( 17.12 Runs per over )97 (1 Wkts, 5.4 Ov)

Fall of Wickets

33-1 (John Matchett, 2.4)

Aqib Iqbal101300013.00
Daniel Eckstein203600018.00
Itibarshah Deedar1091019.00
Jaweed Zadran102000020.00
Zeshan Arif0.401500122.50



European Cricket Championship

Date & Time

12 Sep 2022, Mon, 7:00 PM IST


Austria won the toss & elected to bat


Cartama Oval,Cartama



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Scattered Clouds

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Match three of the European Cricket Championship 2022 campaign will be Austria versus Ireland XI at Cartama Oval in Cartama, Spain, on September 12. Mehar Cheema and Baseer Khan are the top players for Austria, while Nathan McGuire and Muzamil Sherzad are the top players for Ireland XI. Out of the previous five games, Austria have won two. This will be the second game of the tournament for both teams, and they will be eager to maintain their lead in the series.


Qadargul Utmanzai
Zeshan Arif
Razmal ShigiwalC
Ranjit Singh-1
Ahsan Yousuf
Daniel Eckstein
Jaweed Zadran
Itibarshah Deedar
Aqib Iqbal
Mark Simpson Parker
Arsalan Arifwk


Mehar Cheema
Navin Wijesekera
Sikandar Hayat
Baseer Khan
Samargol Messalhn

Max Burtonwk
Jared WilsonC
Seamus Lynch
John Matchett
Scott Macbeth
Jamie Forbes
Matthew Humphreys
Mikey O'Reilly
Cameron Melly
John McNally
Finn Catherwood


Nathan McGuire
Jack Dickson
Carson McCullough
Muzamil Sherzad
Cian Robertson