Czech Republic vs Portugal, Match 2 - Live Cricket Score

European Cricket Championship, 2022 | 12 Sep 2022, Mon, 5:00 PM IST | Cartama Oval,Cartama

Match Starts In



Imran RaoImran Raoc D Singh b Naveed Ahmed14911155.56
Imran KhanImran Khanc D Singh b Satyajit Sengupta03000.00
Conrad GreenshieldsConrad Greenshieldsc Dylan Steyn b Sazib Bhuiyan411925215.79
Rana SarwarRana Sarwarc Kranthi Venkataswamy b Ritik Tomar171011170.00
Francoise StomanFrancoise StomanNot out351005350.00
Mohammad Siraj NipoMohammad Siraj NipoNot out9101090.00
Yet To Bat: -
Extra( b - 0, w - 4, no - 1, lb - 5, p - 0 )10
Total( 12.60 Runs per over )126 (4 Wkts, 10 Ov)

Fall of Wickets

1-1 (Imran Khan, 0.5), 35-2 (Imran Rao, 3.1), 66-3 (Rana Sarwar, 5.6), 78-4 (Conrad Greenshields, 6.5)

Satyajit Sengupta20171018.50
Abul Farhad203300116.50
Naveed Ahmed202810014.00
Sazib Bhuiyan20161008.00
Ritik Tomar101511015.00
Sabawoon Davizi101200212.00

Sabawoon DaviziSabawoon DaviziNot out714246169.05
Dylan SteynDylan Steync Imran Khan b J Khan-II6201300.00
Sazib BhuiyanSazib Bhuiyanrunout (Mubeen Tariq / F Hussain)8710114.29
Kranthi VenkataswamyKranthi Venkataswamyrunout (Parth Jounjat / F Hussain)14811175.00
Ritik TomarRitik Tomarc Francoise Stoman b Mohammad Siraj Nipo5310166.67
Divyendra SinghDivyendra Singhst Parth Jounjat b Mohammad Siraj Nipo01000.00
Aakash ParmarAakash Parmarrunout (Francoise Stoman / Imran Rao)1100100.00
Sharan Ramakrishnan SundareswaranSharanrunout (J Khan-II / Parth Jounjat)01000.00
Satyajit SenguptaSatyajit SenguptaNot out00000.00
Yet To Bat: -
Extra( b - 0, w - 8, no - 5, lb - 0, p - 0 )13
Total( 12.30 Runs per over )123 (7 Wkts, 10 Ov)

Fall of Wickets

22-1 (Dylan Steyn, 1.2), 39-2 (Sazib Bhuiyan, 3.4), 72-3 (Kranthi Venkataswamy, 5.5), 95-4 (Ritik Tomar, 7.5), 95-5 (Divyendra Singh, 7.6), 104-6 (Aakash Parmar, 8.5), 115-7 (Sharan Ramakrishnan Sundareswaran, 9.4)

Conrad Greenshields202400212.00
Junaid Khan 220161008.00
Mubeen Tariq20160008.00
Md Fakhrul Hussain102503125.00
Mohammad Siraj Nipo202320111.50
Francoise Stoman101402314.00



European Cricket Championship

Date & Time

12 Sep 2022, Mon, 5:00 PM IST


Czech Republic won the toss & elected to field


Cartama Oval,Cartama



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Few Clouds

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The Czech Republic will face Portugal in Match 2 of the European Cricket Championship 2022 on Monday (September 12). Both teams didn't do well in the previous edition of the tournament. Portugal won two out of eight matches and finished in the fourth position in Group B. The Czech Republic won three matches in the previous edition and also finished in the fourth position in Group C. It will be fascinating to see how they perform. Both will give their all to win not only this match but also the tournament.


Sharan Ramakrishnan Sundareswaran
Divyendra Singhwk
Kranthi Venkataswamy
Aakash Parmar
Dylan SteynC
Sazib Bhuiyan
Sabawoon Davizi
Abul Farhad
Satyajit Sengupta
Naveed Ahmed
Ritik Tomar


Sahil Grover
Kushalkumar Mendon
Smit Patel-I
Sahadat Sagor

Parth Jounjatwk
Rana Sarwar
Imran Rao
Miguel Stoman
Francoise Stoman
Imran Khan
Conrad GreenshieldsC
Md Fakhrul Hussain
Mohammad Siraj Nipo
Mubeen Tariq
Junaid Khan 2


Anthony Chambers
Madhukar Thapa