England Under-19s vs Sri Lanka Under-19s, 3rd Youth ODI - Live Cricket Score

Sri Lanka Under-19 tour of England, 2022 | 10 Sep 2022, Sat, 3:00 PM IST | Grace Road, Leicester

Match Starts In



Sadisha RajapaksaSadisha Rajapaksac Jacob Bethell b Tom Aspinwall8111072.72
Asitha WanninayakeAsitha Wanninayakerunout (Alex Horton / Jacob Bethell)17301056.66
Shavon DanielShavon Danielc George Thomas-II b Mitchell Killeen150020.00
Ranuda SomarathneRanuda Somarathnec Alex Horton b Jamal Richards76934181.72
Raveen De-SilvaRaveen De-Silvac Alex Horton b Jamal Richards17362047.22
Anjala BandaraAnjala BandaraNot out76824192.68
Wanuja SahanWanuja Sahanb Mitchell Killeen37394094.87
Malsha TharupathiMalsha Tharupathirunout (Mitchell Killeen)4210200.00
Caniston GunaratnamCaniston Gunaratnamc Alex Horton b Tom Aspinwall120050.00
Traveen MathewsTraveen Mathewsrunout (Alex Horton)1100100.00
Dulaj SamudithaDulaj Samuditharunout (Alex Horton / Jamal Richards)1100100.00
Yet To Bat: -
Extra( b - 1, w - 9, no - 2, lb - 1, p - 0 )13
Total( 5.04 Runs per over )252 (10 Wkts, 50 Ov)

Fall of Wickets

13-1 (Sadisha Rajapaksa, 3.1), 14-2 (Shavon Daniel, 4.1), 50-3 (Asitha Wanninayake, 12.5), 98-4 (Raveen De-Silva, 23.3), 155-5 (Ranuda Somarathne, 35.4), 229-6 (Wanuja Sahan, 46.6), 234-7 (Malsha Tharupathi, 48.2), 246-8 (Caniston Gunaratnam, 49.1), 251-9 (Traveen Mathews, 49.5), 251-10 (Dulaj Samuditha, 49.6)

Mitchell Killeen91562016.22
Tom Aspinwall100382023.80
Fateh Singh100520135.20
Jamal Richards90422114.66
Jacob Bethell30180026.00
Bertie Foreman50250005.00
Danial Ibrahim40190004.75

George Thomas-2George Thomas-2c Anjala Bandara b Treveen Mathew292751107.40
Jacob BethellJacob Bethellc Anjala Bandara b Dulaj Samuditha42435097.67
Alex HortonAlex Hortonlbw b Wanuja Sahan03000.00
Ben MckinneyBen Mckinneyst Anjala Bandara b Malsha Tharupathi27372072.97
Danial IbrahimDanial Ibrahimlbw b Malsha Tharupathi17221077.27
Joseph EcklandJoseph Ecklandlbw b Raveen de Silva191820105.55
Jamal RichardsJamal Richardsc Anjala Bandara b Malsha Tharupathi282431116.66
Tom AspinwallTom AspinwallNot out30453066.66
Bertie ForemanBertie Foremanc Shevon Daniel b Wanuja Sahan30493061.22
Fateh SinghFateh SinghNot out01000.00
Yet To Bat: -
Extra( b - 4, w - 22, no - 2, lb - 3, p - 0 )31
Total( 5.68 Runs per over )253 (8 Wkts, 44.3 Ov)

Fall of Wickets

48-1 (George Thomas-2, 6.4), 49-2 (Alex Horton, 7.2), 95-3 (Jacob Bethell, 16.1), 119-4 (Ben Mckinney, 21.1), 124-5 (Danial Ibrahim, 21.6), 169-6 (Jamal Richards, 27.6), 175-7 (Joseph Eckland, 28.5), 248-8 (Bertie Foreman, 44.2)

Caniston Gunaratnam30210017.00
Dulaj Samuditha70481256.85
Wanuja Sahan9.30422044.42
Traveen Mathews100401014.00
Sadisha Rajapaksa40250006.25
Malsha Tharupathi60453017.50
Raveen De-Silva51251005.00



Sri Lanka Under-19 tour of England

Date & Time

10 Sep 2022, Sat, 3:00 PM IST


England Under-19s won the toss & elected to field


Grace Road, Leicester


Rob Bailey (England), Neil Pratt (England)

Match Referee

Peter Such (England)

weatherWeather Report

Scattered Clouds

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England Under-19s

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On Saturday at Grace Road in Leicester, England, the England Under-19 and Sri Lanka Under-19 will play the third Youth ODI of the series. England Under-19 won the first two ODIs by three wickets and seven runs, respectively. Ben Mckinney, George Bell, and Tom Aspinwall are the team's important performers.

On the other side, it's reasonable to expect the Sri Lanka Under-19 to be a little less confident after two straight defeats. The important members of their team in this situation are Ranuda Somarathne, Raveen De-Silva, and Shavon Daniel. The Sri Lanka Under-19 will play to their potential to win and finish the series on a high note, while the England Under-19 will undoubtedly try to maintain the momentum after taking the ODI trophy to their name. Fans can therefore expect an exciting matchup on Saturday.


Alex Hortonwk
Tom Aspinwall
Ben Mckinney
Bertie Foreman
Fateh Singh
Danial Ibrahim
Jamal Richards
George Thomas-2
Joseph Eckland
Mitchell Killeen
Jacob Bethell


George Bell
Dominic Kelly
Benjamin Cliff
Ben Parker
Harry Singh
Matthew Hurst
Tommy Boorman
Eddie Jack
Ross Whitfield
James Rew
Thomas Lawes
Stanley McAlindon
James Sales
Yousef Majid

Anjala Bandara
Sadisha Rajapaksa
Shavon Daniel
Ranuda Somarathne
Raveen De-Silva
Malsha Tharupathi
Traveen Mathews
Wanuja Sahan
Caniston Gunaratnam
Asitha Wanninayakewk
Dulaj Samuditha


Lahiru Dewatage
Abhishek Liyanarachchi
Pawan Pathiraja
Vinuja Ranpul
Hasitha Amarasinghe
Duvindu Ranatunga
Sahan Mihira