Interglobe Marine vs 11 Ace, 3rd Quarter Final - Live Cricket Score

Bukhatir 50 Over League, 2022 | 5 Oct 2022, Wed, 6:30 PM IST | Sharjah Cricket Stadium

ResultInterglobe Marine won by 164 runs.


344/7 (50 ov)



180/10 (31 ov)

Sandeep- SinghSandeep- Singhc Shahan Akram b Rahul Khanna31414175.61
Asif KhanAsif Khanc M Kaunain Abbas b Rahul Khanna37407092.50
Yasir KaleemYasir KaleemNot out140114107122.81
Waqas AliWaqas Alib KK Jiyas38491177.55
Kuwar PathakKuwar Pathakc RN Bhatia b KK Jiyas02000.00
Shivam SharmaS Sharmac M Kaunain Abbas b Riaz Khaliq5120041.67
Hazrat LuqmanHazrat Luqmanb Muhammad Hafeez-Ur-Rehman693336209.09
Shahnawaz KhanShahnawaz Khanrunout (Rahul Khanna / Shahan Akram)8100080.00
AttaullahAttaullahNot out00000.00
Extra( b - 1, w - 12, no - 1, lb - 2, p - 0 )16
Total( 6.88 Runs per over )344 (7 Wkts, 50 Ov)

Fall of Wickets

74-1 (Asif Khan, 12.4), 79-2 (Sandeep- Singh, 14.3), 164-3 (Waqas Ali, 30.1), 164-4 (Kuwar Pathak, 30.3), 186-5 (Shivam Sharma, 35.1), 278-6 (Hazrat Luqman, 44.2), 331-7 (Shahnawaz Khan, 49.4)

Muhammad Hafeez-Ur-Rehman100581005.80
Sharif Asadullah3.10210036.63
Usman Masood0.50900010.80
KK Jiyas102432004.30
Rahul Khanna10010420110.40
Riaz Khaliq60421107.00
Rahul Bhatia50390027.80
Shahan Akram50250005.00

Fayyaz AhmedFayyaz Ahmedlbw b Hazrat Luqman151530100.00
Usman KhanUsman Khanc Kuwar Pathak b Attaullah5510100.00
Kaunain AbbasM Kaunain Abbasc Attaullah b Ahmed Shafiq716373112.70
Shahan AkramShahan Akramc Ahmed Shafiq b Asif Mumtaz35525067.31
Usman MasoodUsman Masoodb Hazrat Luqman312651119.23
Rahul KhannaRahul Khannalbw b Hazrat Luqman340075.00
Rahul BhatiaRN BhatiaNot out5140035.71
KK JiyasKK Jiyaslbw b Ahmed Shafiq01000.00
Muhammad Hafeez-Ur-RehmanMuhammad Hafeez-Ur-Rehmanb Ahmed Shafiq260033.33
Riaz KhaliqRiaz Khaliqb Ahmed Shafiq01000.00
Sharif AsadullahSharif AsadullahAbsent hurt
Extra( b - 0, w - 9, no - 1, lb - 3, p - 0 )13
Total( 5.81 Runs per over )180 (10 Wkts, 31 Ov)

Fall of Wickets

16-1 (Usman Khan, 1.5), 28-2 (Fayyaz Ahmed, 4.2), 98-3 (Shahan Akram, 17.4), 156-4 (Usman Masood, 24.5), 164-5 (Rahul Khanna, 26.1), 176-6 (Kaunain Abbas, 28.2), 176-7 (KK Jiyas, 28.3), 180-8 (Muhammad Hafeez-Ur-Rehman, 30.5), 180-9 (Riaz Khaliq, 30.6)

Hazrat Luqman60353015.83
Ahmed Shafiq93324003.56
Asif Mumtaz60401016.67
Shahnawaz Khan303000110.00
Kuwar Pathak20140007.00



Bukhatir 50 Over League

Date & Time

5 Oct 2022, Wed, 6:30 PM IST


11 Ace won the toss & elected to field


Sharjah Cricket Stadium



Match Referee


weatherWeather Report

Clear Sky

PredictionWin Prediction

11 Ace

pitchPitch Condition


ScoreAvg 1st Inning Score



Interglobe Marine will face 11 ACE in the Bukhatir 50 Over League’s third Quarter Final at Sharjah Cricket Stadium in Sharjah, UAE. Both teams are doing well in this tournament, particularly IGM, which is currently in fourth place on the points table. They recently defeated PAG by 4 wickets. They have key players in Yasir Ka-leem and Asif Khan, both of whom are scoring well. 11 ACE, on the other hand, is ranked fifth in the points table after losing their most recent match by three wickets to COL, this time around, they have Usman Khan and Fayyaz Ahmed as key players. This match will be thrilling to watch because both teams will give everything they have to win. IGM are free to experiment with their playing order, whereas ACE are required to focus their strategies on their players' strengths and weaknesses.


Yasir Kaleemwk
Shivam Sharma
Asif Khan
Asif MumtazC
Shahnawaz Khan
Hazrat Luqman
Ahmed Shafiq
Sandeep- Singh
Kuwar Pathak
Waqas Ali


Hameedullah Khan
Touqeer Riyasat
Vishnu Sukumaran
Harry Bharwal
Mohammad Zahid
Taimoor Bhatti
Parag Khanapurkar
Muhammad Ayaz
Adnan Liaqat
Adeel Malik-l

Kaunain Abbaswk
Shahan Akram
Fayyaz Ahmed
Usman Khan
KK Jiyas
Riaz Khaliq
Sharif AsadullahC
Muhammad Hafeez-Ur-Rehman
Usman Masood
Rahul Khanna
Rahul Bhatia


Vibhor Shahi
Israr Ahmed
Amir Ullah Khan
Salman Khan IV
Salman Saleem-I
Nihal Umesh Ullal
Shafi Ullah