India A vs New Zealand A, Match 1 - Live Cricket Score

New Zealand A tour of India, 2022 | 1 Sep 2022, Thur, 9:30 AM IST | M.Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru

Match Starts In



Chad BowesCJ Bowesc RD Gaikwad b Mukesh Kumar5201025.00
Rachin RavindraRachin Ravindrac RM Patidar b Arzan Nagwaswalla12352034.29
Joe CarterJoe Carterst KS Bharat b KL Yadav19730526364.59
Mark ChapmanMS Chapmanc AR Easwaran b Yash Dayal15243062.50
Robert O'DonnellRR O'Donnelllbw b Mukesh Kumar24554043.64
Cam FletcherCD Fletcherlbw b Mukesh Kumar13661019.70
Sean SoliaSM Soliac RM Patidar b Mukesh Kumar32575056.14
Michael RipponMJG Ripponb SN Khan21342061.76
Logan van BeekLogan van Beekc KS Bharat b Mukesh Kumar19323059.38
Joe WalkerJoe Walkerc AR Easwaran b SN Khan22390256.41
Jacob DuffyJA DuffyNot out171430121.43
Yet To Bat: -
Extra( b - 1, w - 3, no - 16, lb - 3, p - 0 )23
Total( 3.61 Runs per over )400 (10 Wkts, 110.5 Ov)

Fall of Wickets

10-1 (Chad Bowes, 4.3), 28-2 (Rachin Ravindra, 12.3), 51-3 (Mark Chapman, 18.3), 100-4 (Robert O'Donnell, 35.3), 149-5 (Cam Fletcher, 57.4), 236-6 (Sean Solia, 80.4), 307-7 (Michael Rippon, 91.4), 342-8 (Logan van Beek, 98.3), 361-9 (Joe Carter, 105.4), 400-10 (Joe Walker, 110.5)

Mukesh Kumar235865003.74
Yash Dayal213751003.57
Arzan Nagwaswalla234751003.26
Kuldeep Yadav3461191003.50
Tilak Varma4090002.25
Sarfaraz Khan5.50322005.49

Priyank PanchalPriyank Panchalc RR O'Donnell b Rachin Ravindra47834056.63
Abhimanyu EaswaranAR Easwaranb Michael Rippon13219413168.04
Ruturaj GaikwadRD Gaikwadst CD Fletcher b Rachin Ravindra21272177.78
Rajat PatidarRM Patidarc Joe Walker b Logan van Beek17625614468.75
Sarfaraz KhanSN Khanc CD Fletcher b JA Duffy36675053.75
Tilak VarmaTilak Varmac Joe Walker b SM Solia1211839666.12
Srikar BharatKS BharatNot out23392058.97
Kuldeep YadavKL YadavNot out891088.89
Yet To Bat: -
Extra( b - 3, w - 1, no - 0, lb - 3, p - 0 )7
Total( 3.84 Runs per over )571 (6 Wkts, 143 Ov)

Fall of Wickets

123-1 (Priyank Panchal, 28.3), 157-2 (Ruturaj Gaikwad, 38.2), 261-3 (Abhimanyu Easwaran, 63.6), 325-4 (Sarfaraz Khan, 83.2), 511-5 (Rajat Patidar, 130.2), 553-6 (Tilak Varma, 139.5)

Jacob Duffy276901003.30
Logan van Beek2621021003.90
Sean Solia171731004.30
Rachin Ravindra3231122003.50
Michael Rippon2211011004.60
Joe Walker160810005.10
Robert O'Donnell3060002.00

Chad BowesCJ Bowesc RD Gaikwad b KL Yadav24643037.50
Rachin RavindraRachin Ravindrab Yash Dayal40846047.62
Joe CarterJoe Carterc KS Bharat b Arzan Nagwaswalla14592023.73
Mark ChapmanMS Chapmanlbw b KL Yadav23642035.94
Cam FletcherCD FletcherNot out14762018.42
Sean SoliaSM SoliaNot out10261038.46
Yet To Bat: -
Extra( b - 0, w - 0, no - 7, lb - 1, p - 0 )8
Total( 2.18 Runs per over )133 (4 Wkts, 61 Ov)

Fall of Wickets

51-1 (Chad Bowes, 19.4), 75-2 (Rachin Ravindra, 26.5), 100-3 (Joe Carter, 38.5), 111-4 (Mark Chapman, 51.1)

Mukesh Kumar103210002.15
Arzan Nagwaswalla112261002.40
Kuldeep Yadav226382001.70
Sarfaraz Khan60230003.80
Yash Dayal104191001.90
Tilak Varma2050002.50



New Zealand A tour of India

Date & Time

1 Sep 2022, Thur, 9:30 AM IST


New Zealand A won the toss & elected to bat


M.Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru


Abhijit Deshmukh (India), Tapan Sharma (India)

Match Referee

Manu Nayyar (India)

weatherWeather Report

Light Rain

PredictionWin Prediction

India A

pitchPitch Condition


ScoreAvg 1st Inning Score



India A (IND-A) will be hosting New Zealand A (NZ-A) in the first unofficial Test match at M Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru on Thursday. India A last played competitive cricket in 2021 against South Africa and against New Zealand A side in 2020, where both the Test matches resulted in a draw. Indian batter Priyank Panchal is leading the the strong squad with Sarfaraz Khan, Ruturaj Gaikwad, and Rajat Patidar as specialist batters. Prasidh Krishna and Umran Malik will be leading the pace attack and Kuldeep Yadav and Rahul Chahar will be available spin options.

New Zealand have also named strong sqaud for six-match India tour with international experienced players Michael Rippon, Dane Cleaver, Mark Chapman, and Jacob Duffy. Tom Bruce and Robbie O'Donnell are named as co-skipppers for this tour.


Priyank Panchal
Abhimanyu Easwaran
Ruturaj Gaikwad
Rajat Patidar
Sarfaraz Khan
Tilak Varma
Srikar Bharatwk
Kuldeep Yadav
Mukesh Kumar
Yash Dayal
Arzan Nagwaswalla


Saurabh Kumar
Upendra Yadav
Rahul Chahar
Prasidh Krishna
Umran Malik

Robert O'Donnell
Chad Bowes
Joe Carter
Sean Solia
Mark Chapman
Rachin Ravindra
Michael Rippon
Cam Fletcherwk
Jacob Duffy
Logan van Beek
Joe Walker


Tom Bruce
Dane Cleaver
Matthew Fisher
Ben Lister