Ireland XI vs Czech Republic, Match 5 - Live Cricket Score

European Cricket Championship, 2022 | 12 Sep 2022, Mon, 11:00 PM IST | Cartama Oval,Cartama

Match Starts In



Sabawoon DaviziSabawoon Davizic John Matchett b Matthew Humphreys6501120.00
Dylan SteynDylan Steync Max Burton b F Catherwood04000.00
Sazib BhuiyanSazib Bhuiyanc Carson McCullough b Cian Robertson11811137.50
Kranthi VenkataswamyKranthi Venkataswamyrunout (Carson McCullough)570071.43
Ritik TomarRitik Tomarc Max Burton b Carson McCullough5510100.00
Divyendra SinghDivyendra SinghNot out6100060.00
Aakash ParmarAakash Parmarb Carson McCullough590055.56
Sharan Ramakrishnan SundareswaranSharanNot out6120050.00
Yet To Bat: -
Extra( b - 0, w - 0, no - 0, lb - 0, p - 0 )0
Total( 4.40 Runs per over )44 (6 Wkts, 10 Ov)

Fall of Wickets

6-1 (Sabawoon Davizi, 0.5), 6-2 (Dylan Steyn, 1.4), 21-3 (Sazib Bhuiyan, 3.4), 27-4 (Kranthi Venkataswamy, 4.4), 27-5 (Ritik Tomar, 4.5), 35-6 (Aakash Parmar, 6.5)

Matthew Humphreys20101005.00
Finn Catherwood2051002.50
Mikey O'Reilly2050002.50
Cian Robertson20131006.50
Carson McCullough20112005.50

John MatchettJohn MatchettNot out9501180.00
Max BurtonMax BurtonNot out30814375.00
Yet To Bat: -
Extra( b - 0, w - 6, no - 0, lb - 0, p - 0 )6
Total( 20.77 Runs per over )45 (0 Wkts, 2.1 Ov)
Satyajit Sengupta102300023.00
Naveed Ahmed101600216.00
Abul Farhad0.10600036.00



European Cricket Championship

Date & Time

12 Sep 2022, Mon, 11:00 PM IST


Ireland XI won the toss & elected to field


Cartama Oval,Cartama



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Czech Republic

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Ireland XI will face the stern challenge of the Czech Republic in Match 5 of the European Cricket Championship 2022. It will be a relatively new format for the Ireland team but would have been adapted to the surface as it would be their second fixture of the tournament. Most of the players are youngsters, who played in the U19 World Cup 2022. The likes of Jack Dickson and Matthew Humphreys will be the key for them.

On the other hand, the Czech Republic are an experienced team in the T10 format, with a fantastic track record. However, they could win only three out of eight league matches in the last edition and would look to come up with improved performances. The players like Sabawoon Dawizi and Ritik Tomar have been their best performers. 


Max Burtonwk
Jared WilsonC
Seamus Lynch
John Matchett
Scott Macbeth
Carson McCullough
Matthew Humphreys
Mikey O'Reilly
Cian Robertson
Cameron Melly
Finn Catherwood


Nathan McGuire
Jack Dickson
Jamie Forbes
Muzamil Sherzad
John McNally

Sharan Ramakrishnan Sundareswaran
Divyendra Singhwk
Kranthi Venkataswamy
Aakash Parmar
Dylan SteynC
Sazib Bhuiyan
Sabawoon Davizi
Abul Farhad
Satyajit Sengupta
Naveed Ahmed
Ritik Tomar


Sahil Grover
Kushalkumar Mendon
Smit Patel-I
Sahadat Sagor