Michael Vaughan and Alyssa Healy involve in a serious Twitter banter

Michael Vaughan and Alyssa Healy involve in a serious Twitter banter

Healy was not happy with the former England skipper.

Michael Vaughan
Michael Vaughan. (Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images)

England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) is in the news for renaming the ‘Man of the Match’ to the ‘Player of the Match’ award. The move has been made to become more gender-neutral which has brought mixed responses from the cricketing fraternity. Michael Vaughan is one of them who are not at all happy with this decision and he lashed out at the board for the same on the social media platform Twitter.

There has been a confusion over the Man of the Match award for Women and that is why it has been renamed to the Player of the Match. England Women’s team are currently second in the world and one should feel that they deserved this move. This step from the ECB comes after the move last year by the MCC who were of the opinion that the players should not be termed as he and she.

Healy has a suggestion to Vaughan

Michael Vaughan was pissed off after he came to know about the same and he was visibly not impressed and went on to say that the world has officially gone nuts with this decision. He took to his official Twitter handle and tweeted, “So we now have ‘player of the match’ in cricket rather than ‘man of the match’ even when 22 Men are playing !!!! The world is officially going bloody nuts ….. #OnOn.”

Alyssa Healy, the wicketkeeper of Australia Women’s team, was not happy with the way he portrayed the issue and asked him to open his eyes a little wider to see that there are more issues which need to be addressed. “If you think this is a major issue happening in the world right now you may want to open your eyes a little wider……” she replied.

Vaughan, however, was quick to clarify that the basic thing need not be changed when it was never an issue for anyone. “No major issue Alyssa … Not so sure we had to change it either as it didn’t seem a major issue before !” read the former England captain’s clarification.

Here’s the thread of the convo:

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