Missing IPL can be a blessing in disguise for him feels pacer Varun Aaron

The pacer's form has deteriorated in recent times and he has now found himself without an IPL contract.

Varun Aaron
Varun Aaron of Kings XI Punjab. (Photo: Twitter)

When he first arrived at the scene, he was termed as India’s fastest bowler. When he made his debut, he did bowl fast, with hostility. However, Varun Aaron failed to control his line and length which was needed in Test cricket. His economy rate of 4.77 in 9 Tests he represented the Indians suggests the same. Apart from that, regular injuries didn’t help the bowlers cause in cementing his place in the side.

However, the bowler is now fit and fine. He says he is looking to make a return to the Indian side now. The 28-year-old Aaron could not fetch a bid for himself in the recently concluded IPL auction. The bowler though looks at it as a blessing in disguise. The bowler is back to the MRF pace foundation where he is working on to remold his bowling action. Aaron feels that he has the chance to look at the fitness aspect which he never got the opportunity to look at because of the busy cricketing schedules.


Aaron while speaking to Sportstar said that he is also working on his bowling action by making a minor adjustment. “Missing the IPL could be a blessing in disguise. Ever since I got back to the Indian team in 2014, there has been some tournament or the other and I never had time to look into the finer aspects,” said the Jharkhand-born bowler.

Still keen to play county

Aaron suggested that he wanted to skip the IPL earlier but once he got contracted, he went on and played. He wanted to play the county cricket instead. Once the bowler was not picked, which surprised the bowler, playing the county cricket did come to his mind.

“IPL is one of the bigger tournaments in the country and missing it is a big deal for a lot of people. I am not saying this because I am not playing this time, but I have been contemplating skipping the tournament. Last season, I thought of going and playing county instead. But I was contracted and I didn’t want to go down that path. This time, it happened by default. I am still keen to play county,” said Aaron who played for Kings XI Punjab last season.

It will be interesting to see how the bowler manages to utilize the time he has on his hand as he won’t be featuring this season’s IPL.