Watch: Mitchell Johnson bouncer that hit Virat Kohli

Watch: Mitchell Johnson's bouncer that hit Virat Kohli

Watch: Mitchell Johnson bouncer that hit Virat Kohli: The build up to the first test of the Border Gavaskar trophy 2014-15 between India and Australia was an unusual one. The tragic death of Phil Hughes left the entire sports universe in a state of shock and disbelief. Bouncer the ball which hit Hughes and eventually costed his life was the most talked about thing as the 1st test was rescheduled to Adelaide. The overcharged pace battery of Mitchell Johnson & Co. was suddenly under check whether or not will they jab at the batsmen like they always did. So, the first eventful bouncer of the match was Virat Kohli’s welcome delivery. Johnson in full steam banged it in, unprepared for it first-up Kohli was unable to duck under it. The ball directly went on to hit the stand-in Indian skipper on his helmet.

This was not the first bouncer of the match, earlier during Australian innings Indian pacer Varun Aaron bowled one and was left alone by David Warner. The crowd applauded both the bowler and the batsman for the spirit.

Though the Aussie unit has been a notch down on other than gaming aggression Johnson did what he does so often to the best opponent batsmen, welcome them with a thunder. But, as soon as the ball hit Virat Kohli on his helmet and he was shaken up by it. Not only the bowler the entire Australian team rushed up to him and checked if he was fine. Even the umpire could not help but confirm Virat’s well-being the last man to get there was his batting partner.

This incident highlights the fact that though both the teams India and Australia are playing the game with competitive spirit the game has changed for sure. And ‘be ready for a f*****g broken arm’ will now be a walk of concern towards the batsman if ever somebody gets hit by a bouncer.

Johnson walked back shaken and scratching his head, skipper Michael Clarke walked along gave him a little pat and pushed him to go ahead with the job at hand. Eventually it was also a short ball from Johnson that got Australia rid of Virat Kohli who had by then played his part with a captains innings and scored his first ton as captain of Indian test team. (also read top 10 deadly injuries in Cricket)

Here is the Video: