Mohammed Shami’s uncle comes out in support of the fast bowler

Shami's uncle stated that his nephew didn't do anything wrong in posting pictures with his family.

Mohammed Shami
Mohammad Shami (Photo Source: Twitter)

Mohammed Shami faced the wrath of a handful of fanatics after he posted a picture on Twitter where he was seen celebrating his daughter’s 2nd birthday. He was trolled by the so called moral watchdogs for posting a picture on social media with his wife, who was not wearing a hijab and celebrating birthdays which is prohibited in Islam.

Lightening strikes twice for Shami

Shami’s uncle – Badruddin Siddique condemned the social abuse of Shami saying that his nephew hasn’t done anything wrong and it is the mindset of people which is plagued. Interestingly, Shami was at the cynosure of a similar attack by people on Twitter last year for uploading a picture with his wife. At that point too, Shami had done nothing wrong but people were quick to rebuke him. Siddique said that his nephew is a well-travelled man who knows the difference between right and wrong.


“He has uploaded some pictures. It is his mindset. He must have uploaded the picture after due thinking. He travels around the world. He knows about the world. No person should make any comment about the same,” Siddique told ANI.

Siddique also defended Shami’s wife for not wearing a hijab. He said that she wasn’t wearing anything skimpy and lashed out at people who trolled the couple earlier during the week.

“What’s wrong in that I don’t understand. What’s wrong she is wearing? There is nothing wrong with the photo he has posted on Facebook. I don’t think it is wrong even according to Shariat, in fact the people talking about it are wrong..The mindset of people is wrong. If they are making such statements then it is wrong.”

Sick people, sick minds

The bashing of Shami and earlier of all-rounder Irfan Pathan gives us an insight of the sick minds of people. They pick on stars without any reason and invade in their personal lives on the pretext of religion.

The Bengal fast bowler seems unperturbed by the trollers. He continues to share pictures of his family on his Twitter handle without worrying about what people perceive it as.

Shami is currently on the tour of Sri Lanka with the Indian team which kicks off next week when India lock horns with the hosts in the first Test at Galle on July 26.