Mohammed Shami’s wife Hasin Jahan demands 15 lakhs a month from him

With the news having died down in recent weeks, it would seem as though a settlement is about to be reached.

Hasin Jahan
Hasin Jahan. (Photo Source: Twitter)

India’s fast bowler Mohammed Shami has resumed cricket, but matters off the field are yet to come to an end. On Tuesday, wife Hasin Jahan filed a case at the Alipore court against him, demanding Rs 15 lakh as maintenance charges every month for her and her daughter Aairah. In the breakdown of the charges, she said she needed Rs 10 lakh to run her family and Rs 5 lakh for her daughter’s expenses. She has said that Shami is showing least of concern for her or her child’s well being.

No money was given to the wife since the start of the police case

The couple has separated after the wife levied a list of charges against Shami last month, including the charges that the bowler fixed game, which was untrue as per the investigations which were made. She had also alleged that Shami was engaged in an extramarital affair with more than one woman.

“This case is different from the one we had filed before the police. Shami had not paid a single penny to Jahan since she had raised the issue. He had given her a Rs 1 lakh cheque that later bounced. Now she has no money to pay for the monthly expenses,” Zakir Hussain, Hasin Jahan’s lawyer was quoted as saying to The Times of India.

Fresh allegations

Jahan’s lawyer also added that since Shami makes good money from cricket, it should not be a problem for him to shell out a part of it for his wife and daughter.

“I am at a loss from all ends. I had been to Delhi to meet him and was there for seven days but I can never forget the way he behaved with me. He also met the daughter only once. Hence I demand the maintenance fee as he is not taking any of our responsibilities,” Jahan was quoted as saying.

Meanwhile, Shami will be looking to resurrect love and respect from fans by performing well in the IPL.

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