Moin-ud-Dowla’s grandchildren request for the restoration of the Gold Cup

HCA officials presented the Nawab’s granddaughter Nikath and grandson Fakiruddin in front of the media

Nikath and Fakiruddin, grandchildren of Moin-ud-Dowla. (Photo Source: Telangana Today)

Nawab Moin-ud-Dowla Bahadur’s grandchildren have requested the Hyderabad Cricket Association (HCA) to restore the prestigious Gold Cup of the Moin-ud-Dowla tournament, which is reportedly missing since the late 1980s. Ahead of the Moin-ud-Dowla Gold Cup tournament which began on August 22 (Tuesday), the HCA officials presented the Nawab’s granddaughter Nikath and grandson Fakiruddin in front of the media during the curtain raiser event of the tournament.


The grandchildren of the Nawab were happy to see HCA conducting the historic tournament in a grand way this time which was hit by various factors recently and was not held in 2016. The Nawab Bahadur’s family also requested to restore the Gold Cup and bring back the past glory of the tournament which is well-known for the Gold Cup with a history of 87 years.


The Moin-ud-Dowla Gold Cup tournament played in Hyderabad was started by the Nawab Moin-ud-Dowla Bahadur back in 1930. Winners of the tournament were awarded the trophy made of pure gold but it would be taken back after photographs and a replica would be presented for taking home. The original cup was placed along with the replica cup in the locker of State Bank of Hyderabad. The cup valued 2.77 Lakhs way back in 1988 but when HCA decided to value it again in 2011, its price came down to 1 Lakh as it was a Silver Cup with Gold plating and the disappearance of the Gold Cup came into limelight.

Though the Gold Cup was known to be missing since 2011, the HCA hasn’t taken any serious action to restore the Cup. But finally, the current HCA President G Vivekanand has admitted to the missing of the trophy and is hopeful about bringing back the glory of the Cup. “We will pursue the matter with the police on the whereabouts of the original cup before discussing the matter in the Apex Council meeting. Anyway, we always give the replica cup to the winners,” said the HCA President during the pre-tournament event.