MS Dhoni Has a Lot of Cricket Left in Him & His Advice Means a Lot, Team India Lucky to Have Him, says Ajinkya Rahane |

MS Dhoni has a lot of cricket left in him, says Ajinkya Rahane

"His advice means a lot to us, it taught us a lot and he definitely has cricket left in him," quoted Ajinkya Rahane.

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MS Dhoni has arguably been one of the key members of the national side over the last decade and a half. He has been a pillar stone for the young Indian team now. Despite his contributions to Indian cricket, his place in the side is often questioned. He has been under the pressure to perform or perish from the national side.

Many cricketers, including skipper Virat Kohli, have slammed the critics for coming hard at MS Dhoni. Recently, another team member joined the list of people batting for the former Indian skipper. Ajinkya Rahane, as per the quotes in India Today, remarked that Dhoni’s contribution to the Indian team is immense. He noted that it will not be wrong to quote that MS Dhoni has arguably seen everything on the cricket field in his career.

“Definitely MS Dhoni has cricket left in him. He is taking care of his fitness, he is looking after his body, he is looking after his diet I mean and also his advices on the field to Virat is such a big difference. And he has a skill and he is so experienced that he has actually seen everything. I feel he is the guy and we are lucky to have him in our team. His advice means a lot to us, it taught us a lot and he definitely has cricket left in him,” quoted Ajinkya Rahane.

Dhoni gets the backing

In the recent times, team India head coach Ravi Shastri had also slammed the critics for questioning Dhoni’s place in the side. Moreover, even national selector MSK Prasad quoted MS Dhoni to be the automatic selection till the 2019 World Cup. Rohit Sharma had also expressed his disbelief at the fact that Dhoni is being targeted despite his good form.

“I am shocked that this question is being raised. If you look at the recent performances, I don’t understand why people are still talking about it,” Rohit Sharma had quoted.

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