‘My heart rate was 190 and my temperature was 40 degrees’ – Jack Leach reveals he feared he was dying during NZ tour

Jack Leach had to go through a struggling time on his tour to New Zealand.

Jack Leach cleainiing his glass
Jack Leach cleaning his glass. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Jack Leach, the 28-year-old off-spinner from England hogged the spotlight with his one run during the third game of the 2019 Ashes that brought the prestigious serious to a level after that game to 1-1. He recently travelled to New Zealand for playing two-match Test series. During that series, there he suffered from a disease called Sepsis due to which he was taken to the hospital. Now, he has opened up over the same and his experience that he might have never wakened up.

The 28-year-old made his debut against New Zealand back in 2018. And, since then he has played 10 Tests in which he has grabbed 34 wickets for his side. Leach went on a tour to the same country towards the fag end of the concluded year where he didn’t have the best of his games as he grabbed only two wickets in one match. Later on, there was a doubt that he was suffering from Sepsis due to which Leach was dropped from the squad for the second Test.


Jack Leach talks about his disease on a tour to New Zealand

Leach has now opened regarding the same and said that he was feeling very ill at that time. The 28-year-old didn’t want to sleep as he thought he might never wake up. He also added that his blood pressure was not normal with heartbeat running at a rate of 190.

Even his temperature was on and around 40 degrees. At the very moment, he was taken to hospital in an ambulance. After he got hospitalised, he started feeling better but it took him long to recover from the same then expected.

“I remember thinking ‘don’t fall asleep because you might not wake up.’ It was that serious in terms of how I was feeling. I was out of it really. My blood pressure was dropping quickly, my heart-rate was 190 and my temperature was 40 degrees. That’s when they called an ambulance and got me to the hospital.

“Once I got there, got the antibiotics in my arm and on to a drip, I started to feel better quite quickly but it still took a couple of nights in the hospital and I was probably still recovering when I flew back from New Zealand. It took longer to get over than I thought,” Jack Leach said as quoted by New Zealand Herald.

Currently, he has successfully recovered from the disease and Leach is with England squad on a tour to Sri Lanka for playing two-match Test series starting on 19th of March at Galle International Stadium.

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