'My words were spoken from the heart' - Chris Gayle after escaping CPL disciplinary hearing for his comments on Sarwan

‘My words were spoken from the heart’ – Chris Gayle after escaping CPL disciplinary hearing for his comments on Sarwan

CPL committee stated in a release that the matter is closed after Gayle admitted that his comments were "damaging to the CPL Tournament and its brand"

Chris Gayle
Chris Gayle. (Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images)

West Indies cricketer Chris Gayle invited controversy recently with his comments against Ramnaresh Sarwan. He held the latter responsible for his exit from the Jamaica Tallawahs franchise ahead of the upcoming Caribbean Premier League (CPL) season. He termed Sarwan as a snake and also called him dangerous than Coronavirus in a series of Youtube videos.

This led to the Cricket West Indies (CWI) Ricky Skerritt stating that the Universe Boss might face the repercussions for bringing the league into disrepute and not adhering to the contract. On Friday, Gayle was summoned to explain his comments and in response, he cleared that he wanted to reach out to the Jamaica fans.

Chris Gayle was willing to explain his fans the reason for his departure from his home franchise only after a year when the contract was for three years. He also added that he wished to end his CPL career with the Tallawahs in front of his home fans. The 40-year-old though also cleared that all the words he spoke were from the heart and still stands by it.

“I made these videos with one single intention – to explain to the fans in Jamaica the reasons behind what has now become my second departure from the Tallawahs franchise. It was my greatest wish to finish my CPL career in Jamaica, playing in front of my home crowd at Sabina Park with the franchise that I had previously led to two CPL titles.

“In so far as my resentment at the treatment, I stand by my comments in those videos. My words were spoken from the heart,” he said in a statement according to Cricbuzz.

Chris Gayle admits damaging CWI and CPL’s reputation; apologises

However, Chris Gayle understood that some of his statements were damaging to CPL and its brand. While he didn’t directly apologise but admitted enjoying playing for the West Indies and in the T20 tournament over the years. He also hoped to play well for St Lucia Zouks in the upcoming CPL season and is looking forward to the challenge.

“Having said that, I must be honest and say that I now realize how portions of my comments may be viewed as being damaging to Cricket West Indies, and to the CPL Tournament and its brand – a tournament which I have sincerely enjoyed not just being a part of, but also helping to build and promote.

“It was never my intention to damage the T20 Tournament, as playing in the CPL has guaranteed an opportunity for the past 7 years to play in front of the great fans of the Caribbean. This is a privilege which I genuinely appreciate and have never taken for granted. Right now, my eyes are fixed firmly on the season ahead, and the new challenge which playing for the St. Lucia Zouks franchise will bring. I hope to see you there,” Chris Gayle added.

Following his explanation, the CPL committee has decided not to constitute a tribunal and stated that the matter is closed now. “On May 6th, the CPL Tournament Committee received a formal complaint from the CPL alleging breaches of its Tournament Rules & Regulations by Mr. Chris Gayle, arising from a series of videos which he had posted to his personal YouTube channel on April 27th.

“Having circulated the complaint, the CTC unanimously decided that it satisfied the prima facie test. In accordance with its Disciplinary Powers it authorised the establishment of an independent three (3) member Tribunal to hear the matter. Notwithstanding, intense efforts were made to settle the charges for the benefit of CWI, CPL and Mr. Gayle, before empanelling its members.

“These efforts have resulted in acceptance by Mr Gayle of the need to issue the statement attached hereto. This was received by the CTC and shared with the CPL & CWI to the satisfaction of all parties. Given the assurance of Mr. Gayle to act in good faith, it, therefore, is no longer necessary to empanel a Tribunal. The CTC, the CPL and CWI, therefore, consider the matter closed,” the CPL committee said in a release.