An open letter to the World T20 Player of the tournament Virat Kohli

Team India batsman Virat Kohli
Team India batsman Virat Kohli (Photo by Matthew Lewis-IDI/IDI via Getty Images)

Dear Virat Kohli,

I don’t know if this ever reaches you but my respect for you has reached beyond infinity. Words like majestic, scintillating, magnificent and excellence are quite incomplete to describe your contribution to Indian cricket in the recent years.


Though I’m not someone who likes to draw comparisons but I certainly feel that you’re the greatest of this era and watching you bat each time is an honour not only for me but for the entire nation and all those who follow your game around the world.

I was privileged enough to watch the great Sachin Tendulkar bat and saw him make the fielders run like rats, but his peak was during 1996-2000 when I was still in my nappies. All those innings, be it the desert storm in Sharjah, or the spectacle innings in the Coca Cola Cup final, the significance could never be understood regardless of watching the highlights as I could never live the moments.

Today after having watched loads of your reckless innings, such as in the 2014 World T20 semi-finals against South Africa, 137* in a superb run chase against Sri Lanka in 2012, 4 Test tons in the Australian tour, the recent performances in the World T20 2016 and countless other knocks, it allows me to relive the feeling of those who witnessed Sachin play.

The enigma and passion he carried while on the field is now being replicated by you. The manner in which you took on Mohammad Amir so gallantly in the Asia Cup as the other batsmen succumbed, in the WT20 when Mohammad Sami was reliving his vintage, bowling like a fiery lanky pacer or in the virtual quarter-finals against Australia where you handled pressure after the top order collapsed and led the way to a famous win.

The most spectacular thing about these innings is the fact that we always had the belief in you. In our minds, there was always a man in frame who could take India home and no prizes for guessing that was you.

Every time you’ve done something like that I become even more confident about your acumen and audacity on the field. Over the years after Sachin retired, the phrase “Jab tak Sachin crease pe hai, India ka jeetne ka chance hai” has been replaced by ‘Kohli’, doesn’t matter whatever the target.

Your aggression in the field ignites more firepower in your batting and has always bought the best in you. And let me tell you, there cannot be anything better than this for any cricketer. The standards you have now set are way too high and will need a miraculous player just like you to accomplish them.

I remember MS Dhoni saying that he switched off the television when Sachin got out in the 2003 World Cup final (which actually the whole nation did). I witnessed something similar when you batted during the New Zealand tour in 2014 in my college canteen. There was a huge crowd watching you bat but as soon as you got out, the whole place became deserted and everyone started leaving. That is how high the bar of expectations has reached.

I know it hurts to know that we lost in the semi-finals but don’t get upset. You gave your best to the country, for your team and that is what matters. I also jumped in joy when your name was announced in the post match presentation of the World T20 as the Player of the tournament though you weren’t present but that made the evening even more special.

At the end of the day, there might be flak from media or trolls that say nasty things. But, I will always remain the one to stand by you no matter what. In whatever capacity you contribute to the team, you’ll stay a CHAMPION, now and forever.

Thank You.

Your ardent fan!!

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