PCB limits Pakistan players' T20 leagues participation to 4 including PSL

PCB limits Pakistan players’ T20 leagues participation to 4 including PSL

Pakistan players can only participate in three foreign leagues now.

Pakistan team
Pakistan team. (Photo Source: Twitter)

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has made a big change in its policy for all the international and domestic cricketers. This is a strong step taken by PCB that will put some restrictions on the participation of their players in T20 leagues that are organized annually across the globe. And, Wasim Khan, the PCB CEO gave an update over it.

The advent of T20 format has brought a dramatic change in the approach of cricketers playing at international or domestic level. The players are nowadays inclined towards playing in T20 leagues in order to secure their future as well. There is no doubt over the fact that the majority of the players wants to play in the shorter format and not in Tests. This also helps an individual in attracting more fan following.

PCB takes a tough decision

Earlier, players like Wahab Riaz and Mohammad Amir bid adieu to red-ball cricket. However, they are still playing in the shorter formats. It is a big loss for the national team as far as the cricket is concerned. Now, PCB feels that it is the need of the hour to take some strong and important steps in order to restrict the players from doing such things.

PCB said that now a centrally contracted player from Pakistan will get to play only three leagues besides PSL in the shorter format. They also added that now the No Objection Certificate (NOC) will be provided from  International Cricket Operations department and the national head coach.

Earlier, there was no such restriction as the player could directly contact the organizer and board used to come later in the picture. Even the same rule applies to the domestic players, who need to contact their cricket association at the very first instance.

Wasim Khan, PCB CEO said that it is important to manage the workload of the players. So, they have taken such a decision. Meanwhile, he also felt that it will also help the players in developing new skills and do additional earnings. It is not something that will restrict them from doing anything else as a cricketer.

“We have given primacy and importance to player workload, international and domestic commitments, but at the same time it was important that players are given the opportunities to make additional earnings and develop their skills around the world,” Khan said as quoted India Today.