Ramiz Raja's statement on BCCI indirectly funding PCB is against national dignity, says former PCB Chairman

Khalid Mehmood is also not happy with Ramiz's strategy.

Khalid Mahmood
Khalid Mahmood. (Photo Source: Twitter/Arfa Feroz Zake)

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Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Ramiz Raja recently stated that the BCCI is indirectly funding PCB. He was of the opinion that the BCCI funds almost 90% to the ICC and in turn the cricketing body fund the rest of the cricket boards including the PCB. Ramiz had also stated that BCCI can also collapse Pakistan cricket by stopping the funding and stressed the need of making PCB financially strong going forward.

The former PCB Chairman, however, is not happy with Ramiz over his comments. He felt that those statements were unnecessary and it is against the dignity of the country. Moreover, he also asked Raja to apologise to the nation and stop using such words again.

“Ramiz Raja’s statements regarding International Cricket Council (ICC) funds and Indian investment are unnecessary. Raja’s statement is against national dignity. Ramiz should immediately apologise and refrain from using such words in future,” Mehmood said while speaking to the journalists according to Daily Times.

Mehmood slams Ramiz for his strategy

Ramiz Raja recently also revealed that one of the businessmen told him that he will be given a blank cheque if Pakistan manages to beat India at the T20 World Cup later this month. Moreover, the current PCB Chairman is also meeting investors to make sure he strengthens PCB financially. But Mehmood is not happy with this strategy.

“Ramiz Raja, on the one hand, is in favour of shutting down departmental cricket, and on the other hand, he is meeting businessmen for investment. Weren’t the departments investing heavily in our cricket? Various departments used to spend crores of rupees annually on cricket. They are now expecting sponsorship from them. What can foreign coaches hired for the World Cup improve [in the national squad] in a few days?

“Officials, as many as the players, are traveling with the team. Is this not a waste of capital? Finding new investors after eliminating the role of departments is not a good strategy,” Mehmood further added.