Ranking top 8 international cricket teams based on their sportsmanship

Many times, cricket teams have come up with a calm and cool demeanor on the field during intense moments.

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New Zealand

New Zealand. (Photo Source: Getty Images)

In today’s day and age, it has almost become essential that cricketers maintain a code of conduct on the field. As the game grows and reaches different avenues, it is more than important that the message which is sent out to people who are new to the game is not wrong. This is exactly where sportsmanship comes into question.

A lot of things come under sportsmanship. It is about shaking hands of your opposition gracefully after a defeat, it is about accepting that winning and losing are two sides of the same coin, it is about understanding that respect off the field can be gained depending on how you behave on the field. On that note, here are-

Top 8 international cricket teams based on their sportsmanship

8. Bangladesh

Bangladesh Cricket Team
Bangladesh Cricket Team. (Photo by MUNIR UZ ZAMAN/AFP via Getty Images)

Before any argument is about Bangladesh and sportsmanship, it is important to acknowledge that as a country, they are still young. When it comes to playing cricket, Bangladesh has been a Test-playing nation for about two decades only. Except for cricket, there isn’t a Bangladesh national sporting team that has done well at the international level. 

Having said that, there are certain things about the behaviour of the cricketers coming from Bangladesh which might look not look good on the field. But, at times for them, it is just about the sheer passion which they have for the game. Their system is pretty new and can be a little unfiltered. There are several things which a person has to know in order to look perfect in today’s world. 

There have been occasions in which Bangladeshi players have been involved in arguments on the pitch or their general fans have insulted other players. But as a nation, they are still developing and with some right examples, the youngsters can be taught about several other things which would not put them under scrutiny. It should also be said there have been cricketers who have upheld the integrity of the game. 

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