Rating the 10 best bowlers in IPL history

Rating the 10 best bowlers in IPL history

The tournament has been lucky enough to witness some outstanding bowlers over the years.

Lasith Malinga
Lasith Malinga. (Photo: IANS)

The Indian Premier League (IPL) commenced in 2008 with opinions floating around the globe that it would destroy the game, more so, the bowlers. The format had too much audacity they felt, which threatened the gentlemanly status this game has carried for so long. Field restriction laws and sizes of bats started having the adverse impact which some experts promised, the game was threatened.

Yet, we have all grown up listening to the tales of wars that were won with odds never in their favor. The bowling community faced a threat with this format, that was true without a question, but some bowlers fought against the odds and came out triumphant from the Ashes of words written by everyone who didn’t want the format.

Celebrating some of these amazing bowling talents, here’s the list of the 10 best bowlers the IPL has witnessed under its roof.

10. Piyush Chawla- 6.5

Piyush Chawla
Kolkata Knight Riders Piyush Chawla celebrates fall of Rahul Tripathi’s wicket. (Photo by Kuntal Chakrabarty/IANS)

One of the most underrated cricketers in the Indian Premier League, Piyush Chawla could not muster a lot of respect as his statistics actually reflect. But that doesn’t take away a fact that he has been consistently picking wickets no matter which club he represents in this tournament and he had the best of his time with KKR.

Chawla spent the first three seasons with Punjab before moving to Kolkata in the 2011 edition. No one can forget the almost-decisive six he hit off Mitchell Johnson in 2014 final and also the winning runs. He played a huge part of their title-winning campaign in 2014 under Gautam Gambhir’s leadership.

Chawla is one of the four bowlers in IPL right now with more than 150 wickets to his name and has a reasonable economy of 7.81. After spending some memorable seasons with the KKR, Chawla was released by the club a few days back ahead of the 2020 edition.

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