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Rating the 10 best current fast bowlers

After suffering at the hands of batsmen for more than a decade, the fast bowlers have regained some of their ground.

Mitchell Starc
Mitchell Starc. (Photo Source: Twitter)

In the cricketing circle, there is a saying that ‘The game is a great leveller’ and it is true in every sense. Its prime example is the recent re-emergence of the fast-bowling in world cricket. After suffering at the hands of batsmen for more than a decade, the fast-bowlers have regained some of their ground in the last couple of years. Coincidentally, the cricketing fraternity has also seen the rise of some extraordinary fast-bowling talents.

Especially the Indian cricket team which has been redefining their fast-bowling legacy. Apart from them, there are other teams who have also been blessed with world-class pacers.

Hence, now it can be said that the art of pace bowling is in the safe hands for the next decade or so. Among them, certain individuals will also be crossing their paths in the upcoming Test series between New Zealand and India.

Here is the rating of the 10 best fast bowlers in the current scenario:

1. Pat Cummins – 9.5/10

Pat Cummins
Pat Cummins. (Photo by Robert Cianflone/Getty Images)

At the moment the Australian team seems to have regained their mojo in the international circuit. Not only they have shrugged off their ball-tampering blues but they have also returned to their winning ways. Such a quick turnaround has only been possible because of the presence of some tough characters in the team’s dressing room.

One such individual is Pat Cummins who showed great mental resolve when the country experienced one of the toughest phases in its cricketing history. With his fiery spells, the cricketer from New South Wales has brought a new sense of hope. In the last two years, Cummins has taken close to 150 international wickets.

Moreover, his consistency and never say die attitude has made him the leader of the pack. He has been equally effective in all formats. What’s more heartening to see is his ability to perform with the same tenacity without showing any signs of fatigue, a facet which hindered his progress in his initial days. So now, looking at his recent form he is destined to write more chapters in the accounts of Australian fast-bowling.

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