Rating the jerseys of all T20I teams in 2021

What rating does the jersey worn by the Indian team get?

India. (Photo Source: Getty Images)

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Apart from the riveting action that cricket teams provide on the field, another sight that catches the attention of the viewers is the jersey that the teams wear. For, the jersey that teams wear is also discussed at length by the fans as well.

The Indian team has worn jerseys with varying shades of blue in limited-overs cricket. The Indian side wore a dark blue jersey at the dawn of the 1990s. Then, during the early 2000s, the shade of blue changed to a light color. And once again in 2021, the Indian side under Virat Kohli is wearing a dark shade of blue. Similarly, the jerseys of other teams have been modified on several occasions as well.

With the jerseys that teams wear garnering a lot of attention, let us rate the jerseys worn by the top 8 teams in T20I cricket in the year 2021.

Note: The teams will be mentioned in this article according to their position in the ICC Rankings

8. Sri Lanka – 3/10

Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka. (Photo Source: Twitter)

The Sri Lankan side wears a predominantly blue-colored jersey with shades of orange, green, and a tinge of brown also added to their jersey. And, the jersey might not appeal to some viewers.

So, we can give a rating of only 3/10 for the jersey worn by the Sri Lankan team. On the cricketing side of things, Sri Lanka has experienced a torrid run in the T20I format of the game in the recent past.

In their last 11 T20Is, the Sri Lankan side has managed to win just a solitary T20I encounter. The Islanders will play their next T20I on 23rd June 2021 against the England side at Cardiff.

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