Reports: BCCI plans to cancel IPL opening ceremony as it costs too much

Reports: BCCI plans to cancel IPL opening ceremony as it costs too much

'It's waste of money,' says BCCI official.

IPL. (Photo: Surjeet Yadav/IANS)

Indian Premier League is one of the biggest cricket leagues across the globe and also the most awaited one to watch. The league will see its successive 13th season in 2020. Every year, BCCI spends a huge amount on its opening ceremony except for the previous season, but it looks like that the BCCI is not in favour of going big in 2020 as well.

IPL witnessed its first season back in 2008 and went through various ups and downs but never got abandoned. Various superstars like Katy Perry, Akon and Pit Bull had given performances in the opening ceremony in order to give a more global look to the league. But, majority fans have shown lesser interest in it. So, BCCI has come up with a new decision for IPL 2020.

IPL opening ceremony – Waste of funds

A BCCI official said that the opening ceremony is just a waste of funds. Moreover, it is something in which the fans are not very interested. Also, the performers that take part in the ceremony demand a lot of money and the board has to pay them. “The opening ceremonies are a waste of money. The cricket fans don’t seem to be interested, and the performers have to be paid a lot.” the BCCI official said as quoted by Indian Express.

When asked about the no-ball decisions, the BCCI official recited that in the previous season many players were given out on no balls and also recalled when in replays it showed that the bowler has committed overstepping. So, in order to reduce the errors and controversies, the board is planning out to come up with a new innovation in IPL 2020. “Last season, several players were given out and later recalled when replays showed the bowlers had overstepped. The idea is to reduce errors and controversies,” he added.

There are discussions going on between the respective authorities to assign an extra umpire in order to observe the no-balls during the match. It is something weird but it will be an important step so that the chances of errors can be reduced. The auction for IPL 2020 is already scheduled to take place in Kolkata on the 19th of December 2019.

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