Ricky Ponting backs Peter Nevill ahead of the first Ashes test in Gabba

He reckons that Peter Nevill should be the automatic choice if Wade isn’t opted for.

Australia Cricket Team Captain Ricky Ponting
Ricky Ponting. (Photo by Julian Herbert/Getty Images)

The debate over who will be the Australian wicketkeeper for this Ashes has been in full swing down under. Former Australian captain Ricky Ponting has added on to the discussion with his latest views. The wicketkeeping slot in the Australian XI is all open with the Ashes slated to begin in less than 10 days.

Ponting hilariously remarked that he had heard the name of every wicketkeeper in Australia since the past couple of weeks. While the World Cup winning captain feels that Australia should persist with Matthew Wade, he reckons that Peter Nevill should be the automatic choice if Wade isn’t opted for.

I would feel a bit for Wade if he’s dropped

“I reckon I’ve heard every wicketkeeper in Australia’s name mentioned in the last couple of weeks,” Ponting told cricket.com.au. “If they do make a change, I would feel a bit for Matty Wade, the games that he’s played have all been in the subcontinent leading up to Australia.”

He also stated how none of the contenders had managed to stand out, “But they made it clear at the start of this Sheffield Shield season that these spots were up for grabs, and so far not many guys have put their hand up and said, ‘I’m the man you’ve got to pick’.”

Nevill is hard to get out, he’s the obvious choice

However, Ponting made it clear that in case Wade is replaced, his first choice was Peter Nevill. “Nevill is the obvious one to go back to. He makes very few mistakes with the gloves, a good consistent character, a good guy to have around your side, works his backside off with the bat. He’s very hard to get out and when he bats for New South Wales he makes big scores. So, for me, he’s the obvious one,” he stated.

Bancroft maybe in contention, too early for Alex Carey

Uncapped player Cameron Bancroft showed stupendous form as he struck two half centuries against New South Wales. Representing Western Australia, the wicketkeeper-batsman also scored a century against South Australia on Monday.

Ponting didn’t rule him out of contention as he remarked, “I’ve heard Bancroft’s name mentioned the last few weeks, he has a chance to be the number six batter or the number seven batsman/wicketkeeper.”

However while speaking on the other prospect, i.e. Alex Carey, he was skeptical and said, “Alex Carey’s name has been thrown around as well. I’m not sure he’s quite ready for it yet just looking at how his batting numbers stack up in first-class cricket.”