Ridiculous to fine Dwayne Bravo: Kieron Pollard

Kieron Pollard-Dwayne Bravo
West Indies cricketer Dwayne Bravo (R) celebrates with his teammate Kieron Pollard (L). (Photo by LAKRUWAN WANNIARACHCHI/AFP/Getty Images)

Mumbai Indians all-rounder Kieron Pollard expressed shock over his compatriot Dwayne Bravo being fined for breaching the Indian Premier League (IPL) Code of Conduct. Bravo was fined as much as 50 percent of his match fees for getting close to Pollard and pushing him during Gujarat Lions’ match against Mumbai Indians at Green Park Stadium in Kanpur.

Pollard expressed his disbelief on Twitter and backed Bravo, saying he had seen even worse incidents on the field and termed the fine as ridiculous.


Bravo also clarified that both the Trinidadians are best friends.

He was stated to have breached the IPL players’ code of conduct in the process and hence reprimanded for the same. As per the rules, the West Indian all-rounder was found guilty of the level 2 offence in the Article 2.2.7 that states penalty for inappropriate and deliberate physical contact with a player in the course of play during a match. Bravo could not question the fine as the decisions by the match referee on the breaches made for the level 2 offences are final and binding.

The incident happened in the 14th over of the MI innings during the during the highly crucial Mumbai Indians versus Gujarat Lions game. Pollard came out to bat, to face the last ball of Dwayne Bravo’s over. But, the medium pacer was made to stop mid-way through his run-up as Pollard put his hand up to ask him to wait. Bravo looked unbothered and went back with a smile on his face. He ran in again and bowled a bumper which rose steeply, making Pollard defend it cautiously. The all-rounder then went straight to Pollard after picking the ball, giving him a stare. Pollard was also unshaken and held his bat above his head as if he will smash Bravo’s head.