Rohan Gavaskar comes up with a cryptic tweet after Anushka Sharma slams his father Sunil Gavaskar

Rohan Gavaskar comes up with a cryptic tweet after Anushka Sharma slams his father Sunil Gavaskar

The controversy hasn't gone down well with Rohan Gavaskar it seems.

Rohan Gavaskar, Anushka Sharma and Sunil Gavaskar
Rohan Gavaskar, Anushka Sharma and Sunil Gavaskar. (Photo Source: Getty Images)

Well, Sunil Gavaskar wouldn’t have thought that his casual comment about Virat Kohli facing Anushka Sharma’s bowling will create a big controversy. His comment was clearly misquoted on Twitter and the matter was blown out of proportion with even the actress Anushka Sharma also criticising him. He termed his commentary as ‘distasteful’ for that period when Gavaskar took her name while speaking about her husband’s game.

The man under the scanner, Sunil Gavaskar, has clarified his stance saying he hasn’t blamed her for Virat Kohli’s performance at all and was just talking about the cricket they played during the lockdown. But this has clearly not gone down well with his son Rohan Gavaskar who is also the part of the commentary panel for the ongoing Indian Premier League (IPL).

Amidst all the controversy, Rohan took to Twitter to post a cryptic tweet which indirectly points out at how his father has been misquoted unnecessarily. He also used an emoji of folded hands and Twitterati realised it was a cryptic message over the matter.

Here’s his tweet:

What all has happened so far between Sunil Gavaskar and Anushka Sharma?

It all started when Sunil Gavaskar spoke about Virat Kohli’s practice and playing with his wife Anushka during the lockdown during RCB’s batting innings on Thursday. But his quotes were twisted on social media and it went viral in no time with many slamming the 71-year-old for demeaning statement. And it didn’t take time in reaching the power couple it seems.

While the video clip of Gavaskar’s commentary during that period has also gone viral as well clearing that he didn’t accuse Anushka for her husband’s game, the latter took to her Insta story to slam him. She also questioned him for dragging her name into cricket. Post this, Sunil Gavaskar has cleared his stance saying that he never blamed Anushka for Virat’s game and the same was not the case on Thursday as well.

Rather he pointed out that he is always in favour of the wives travelling with their cricketer husbands on tours as the players get to spend time with their family.