Royal Challengers Bangalore must address these 5 things or they can opt against playing in IPL 2020

Royal Challengers Bangalore must address these 5 things or they can opt against playing in IPL 2020

If the Royal Challengers Bangalore cannot get the results it promises better relegate the team and bring in a new eight franchise.

Royal Challengers Bangalore
Royal Challengers Bangalore. (Photo: IANS)

If one thing has remained unreachable in the cricketing career of Virat Kohli, it is the Indian Premier League (IPL) title. The India captain leads one of the most popular franchises of the T20 tournament – Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) – but in his seven years of captaincy now, the challengers remained challengers and never could be the winners. The 2019 season saw them finishing last among four teams yet again after 2017 and the nosedive came after they finished runners-up in the 2016 edition.

In all, the RCB have finished second on three occasions with Anil Kumble and Daniel Vettori remaining the other two unfortunate predecessors to Kohli who fell in the last hurdle in 2009 and 2011, respectively. Apart from Delhi Capitals (formerly Daredevils), no other franchise in the IPL has been as consistently disappointing as RCB although the DC have looked strong this time.

It time for the RCB to overhaul themselves completely, putting an end to a predictably disheartening pattern they come up with every year or be shown the door for a more competent side.

The Royal Challengers Bangalore need to make some urgent changes to their way of thinking if they aspire to improve things in the next edition in 2020:

1. Change Kohli as captain:

Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli. (Photo: Sandip Mahankal/IANS)

Yes, it might sound blasphemous for the RCB supporters but that is the way to go about it. In fact, changing Kohli as the captain might not be too bad an idea for the team has anyhow hit a dead end. Captaining for seven years at a stretch is not something small but since the captain hasn’t been able to earn anything significant in this time (best performance was to make the final in 2016 while they made the last four only twice), a change can always be a refreshing step.

One of the biggest drawbacks for RCB has been the captain’s tactical errors. Kohli kept on making changes in the team frequently, thereby giving the players very little time to settle and deliver. In fact, Kohli betrayed his own words when he made three changes to the team even after promising following a thrashing in the hands of Sunrisers Hyderabad by 118 runs that no changes were to be made.

Another poor season will certainly give rise to a voice against the ace batsman’s captaincy but changing him beforehand can help him save his grace. Let Kohli do the batting bit and leave the top job to somebody who has a better reading of the T20 game. One must remember that Kohli also falters more in T20 cricket as the national captain compared to other formats. If he himself steps down, it will be the best thing to happen for the RCB.