Saba Karim justifies the reasons behind taking delayed yo-yo test

Yesterday, Rohit Sharma underwent the much-debated Test and passed it comfortably.

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Saba Karim. (Photo Source: Twitter)

The yo-yo test has been trending in the Indian cricketing fraternity for the past few days. The players are somewhat petrified by the exam as it has already seen the axe come down on a number of them. Mohammed Shami, Ambati Rayudu, and Sanju Samson couldn’t cross the qualification criteria of 16.1 out of 25 owing to which they were left out of their respective squads.

However, the test, earlier this month, was conducted following the selection of the India and the A team’s squad for their respective fixtures. As per the norm, the exam should be carried out prior to the selection of teams. Meanwhile, Saba Karim, the General Manager of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has put forth IPL as one of the reasons behind the delay of the test.


“It always happened like that in the past”- Saba Karim

“It’s (Yo-Yo test) always conducted before team selection. This time the change happened because of the IPL. We have to pick the teams early because of the logistical reasons, so we couldn’t drag out players during the IPL and made them go through fitness tests. That’s why we conducted it after the IPL was over. And all the players were given enough time to prepare for that,” Karim told The Indian Express.

The former Indian wicket-keeper batsman also mentioned the erstwhile tests of Yuvraj Singh and Suresh Raina to strengthen his justification. Moreover, he told that this time around, the teams were informed about the test immediately after the selection of the teams, which he believes to be a reason behind their good performance in the examination. Yesterday, Rohit Sharma underwent the much-debated Test and passed it comfortably.

“Earlier, if you see, in the case of Suresh Raina and Yuvraj Singh, the fitness tests were conducted before the team selection. It always happened like that in the past. This time, the moment the teams were announced, whether that was the India A side or Team India, the players knew that they had to undergo fitness tests. So they had enough time to prepare. That is why so many of them prepared well and got through,” he added.

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