Sachin Tendulkar applauds the extra-ordinary Roger Federer and his glorious career

Sachin has been a familiar figure in the gallery when Roger Federer takes the centre court at the Wimbledon.

Cricketers and their Tennis Equivalents
Sachin Tendulkar and Roger Federer. (© Getty Images)

Arguably the greatest cricketer to walk down on to the 22 yards with the willow in hand, Sachin Tendulkar, is a fan of Tennis great Roger Federer. And when somebody of Sachin Tendulkar’s standards is a fan of yours, you are definitely no ordinary person. Obviously, for all of us to agree, Roger Federer is out of the ordinary.

The main story:

Sachin has been a familiar figure in the gallery when Roger Federer takes the centre court at the Wimbledon. We have seen the Master Blaster cheering for ‘FedEx’ on many previous occasions. Speaking to the Telegraph, Tendulkar showered praises on the flawless genius that is Roger Federer as the latter cruised into the finals of Wimbledon once again.


The relationship is of love and respect between the two stalwarts of the sports industry and is mutual. Sachin was asked whether he admires or envy Roger Federer and the little master went on to share a story from the vault with The Telegraph. Mentioning that he is a great admirer of the tennis maestro Sachin recalled an incident from 2002 when he was watching Roger Federer and Andy Roddick play a game of tennis along with Yuvraj Singh.

What Sachin had to say:

Sachin added that Yuvraj was backing Andy Roddick whereas he was in full support of Roger. Yuvi claimed that Roddick is all set to be the next big thing in Tennis while Sachin predicted Federer to make it into the history books in the coming years.

“I admire Federer and have been doing so from the time he started playing the Slams. In fact, it was in 2002 or so that Yuvi (Yuvraj Singh) and I were watching Federer and Andy Roddick play. Yuvi was rooting for Roddick, while I was backing Federer.” said Sachin.

Sachin continued “Yuvi said that Roddick would be the one to watch in years to come. My only comment then was that we’d talk about greatness 10-12 years down the line.”

When the reporter asked him about talking to Yuvraj Singh about the same now, Sachin mentioned that there was no need for him to raise the topic as Federer had already given the answer to Yuvraj with his overflowing trophy cabinet.

“I didn’t have to, for Federer’s done the talking for me!” concluded Sachin.