Sakshi Dhoni denies writing Facebook post

Sakshi Dhoni, the better half of Indian skipper MS Dhoni has been in full support of the Indian team right through the World T20. In the semi-final at the Wankhede Stadium, Sakshi was seen in the stands cheering for the Indian side. Despite the loss, a Facebook post ran across a page named Sakshi Dhoni fortifying the spirits of the Indians.

The post read: “Always with you Mahi…Bleed Blue forever…We love you Team India whether you win or lose…you gave us many memories last month and pulled off miracles…you made us smile many times…losing is not the end of the world…we love you, Captain!” Sakshi Dhoni had quite literally become the most talked about person in Indian cricket. Social media is certainly a strange thing. From the wife of the Indian captain, which is almost similar to being the First Lady of the United States, Sakshi Dhoni became the sweetheart of all the Indian cricket fans.


Sakshi Singh Dhoni
(Photo Source: Facebook)

However, barely a few hours following the post that made Facebook go absolutely viral, Sakshi dropped a bombshell on her twitter account. The verification mark beside her name suggested the authenticity of her account. The tweet read: “Sorry guys that FB account is not mine … N I haven’t written that but whoever wrote that … Like the positivity !!”

Well, if it is any consolation, the verified account, and the parody account seems to have a connection. They agree on the same things. The Indians lost their encounter against the Windies at the Wankhede Stadium, breaking the hearts of the 40,000 fans who had graced the Wankhede Stadium with their vocal presence.

Here is the tweet:

Here is the post the message that she has now denied posting – Sakshi Dhoni leaves a lovely message for MS Dhoni after India’s SF loss